Gun Control and Government Laws

Topics: Crime, United States Constitution, Criminology Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Reflection Paper for Chapter 3 Constitution: limiting Governmental Power We did matching group studies in class to study 27 Constitution Amendments. I noticed under the Bill of Rights, the second Amendment regulates militia and the right to bear arms. There has been a nationwide debate on gun control recently after the mass shooting in the Auroa theatre in Colorado. Some people believed that the more people owning guns, the more crimes will have in our daily life. They are also trying to connect Canada’s low crime rate with the prohibition of owning a gun in their law. They also believe if we outlaw guns in the US, we should also see a significant drop in murder and crime rate. But in reality the crime rate and murder rate in the US has been steadily dropping for decades even without strict gun control.  There is a popular saying “guns don’t kill people, people kills people”. Even we make guns illegal in this country, there is always a black market for it and the criminals can get their hands on it while the law abiding citizen will not have access to the weapon that will protect them and their family. For every aurora or columbine mass shooting, we can always point out to many cases that guns actually save lives from criminals. Just recently before the New Year Eve in 2012, an Oklahoma young mother was able to protect herself and her 3-month-old infant from 2 intruders who was trying to break into her house with a 12-inch long knife. Without the right of owning guns, both her baby and she will sure be harmed in this incident. I would further argue that if every state legalizes concealed weapon, mass shooting rate will actually drop. If everyone is trained in how to properly use a gun and carries a gun in their pocket in columbine, Virginia tech or the aurora theatre, they will be able to fire back at the shooter and minimize the death toll. All criminals would have to think twice about the possibility that they might get killed when they try to steal or rob...
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