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Nearly every US citizen has an emotional opinion about gun control with politicians, the media, community leaders and school administrators leading the charge. The debate over gun control is actually misguided. How can a law be controlled? It can only be enforced. The Constitution legally established the right for any law abiding citizen to keep and bear arms, yet proponents of gun control wish to steadily erode this law through regulation and legislation. The term gun control is just that, a steady relentless effort to seize control by chipping away at the edges of the law until is gone entirely. Gun control advocates commonly resort to emotional arguments presented out of context rather than rational examination. An honest debate depends on citing the facts and exposing manipulative attempts to deceive or convert the populace.

The rational starting point is the Constitutional law established by the founding fathers. Freedom was the purpose for granting all law abiding citizens the right to bear arms. In order to protect our independence which was won by great sacrifice, the new government promised liberty for its citizens by empowering them with the right to defend themselves. George Washington declared firearm ownership second only to the Constitution itself, stating firearms as key in protecting individual liberty.

One of the key authors of the Constitution, James Madison, was adamant that the powers given by the Constitution to the federal government should be few and clearly defined. Like Washington, he was concerned with history repeating itself with a small group possessing power over many. It wasn’t about the actual size of the government but about the authority they wielded. Madison felt that citizens should be trusted with the right to bear arms and that a government that didn’t trust its citizens to do so was itself unworthy of trust. These principles of gun ownership are stunning considering that the founders were the government. They had the extraordinary insight to understand human behavior and how to protect the many from the few.

In agreement with the founding fathers and many others, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Judge Louis Brandeis, summed it up well by stating that experience should teach us that when a government has the means to benefit, that is the time we should be most on our guard to protect liberty. Gun ownership, simply put, is about independence and freedom. Over the history of our country, we have witnessed our government continue to increase its power, constrict and regulate many of our rights, and to engage in unlawful policy and lawmaking. Now, more than ever before, is the time to protect our fundamental right to bear arms. Consider how emotions fit into this equation. Lawmakers and their supporters attempt to justify gun control with emotional rhetoric, but laws aren’t based on emotion. Justice was intended to be blind and therefore closed to subjective interpretation.

It’s worth asking why so many politicians wish to change or destroy one of the most basic laws of our land. As Judge Brandeis so aptly put it, when there’s an opportunity for government to gain, that is precisely when we should guard our liberty closely. Government grows its power through control. The government has steadily seized control over more and more areas of our lives. In a steady focused manner, the government has been grabbing small pieces of our lives while we aren’t paying attention. It’s the classic Fabian strategy of avoiding large direct battles, in favor of small, harassing actions. It’s a war of attrition. The government runs the education system and our retirement and unemployment options. Among many other areas, government is also actively engaged in the automobile and mortgage business and the health industry. Now the government is working on your diet, your weight, and how many ounces of soda you may consume. The government has been so successful in...

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