Gun Control

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Gun Control

Throughout America there is the constant debate concerning the second

amendment or the right to bare arms. One day an innocent kid walking home from school

gets shot in a drive by shooting is he just a victim of circumstance or could this of been

easily prevented. There are lobbyist for the private ownership of guns and lobbyist for

legislation to ban personal possession of guns for good. In this paper I hope that just

maybe I can persuade you to think differently on a topic that's stirring up the nation.

First you must look at the obvious problem first and foremost crime. 85% of all

violent crimes are committed with handguns(Mosley,104). Some say that yes if these

criminals are criminals simple legislation isn't going to prevent them from getting

handguns. I think this couldn't be more wrong in actuality lots of crimes are committed

with guns that kids have taken from their parents. Every day you hear in the news kids

killing kids weather it's a school shooting or gangs and the easy availability of guns is

just promoting the cause. If we pass legislation to get rid of these god like life takers then

the kids can't get to them. If you look at it thought it is a trickling down process. If guns

aren't as easily distributed to shops only a few shops would be permitted to carry them.

Then of those few shops only under special circumstances could they sell them to some

adults then only a fraction of the kids who had access to guns in the home before this

legislation took affect remain. We need to at least cripple this wide spread epidemic.

An additional element that remains is one of the most sad of all accidents.

Fact every year over 600 people are killed by handguns on accident(Heney,116). Let me

set the mood for you for this true story. Christmas Eve at the Crowell household mother

Crowell just finishing the decorations on the tree while Mr.Crowell trys to get the lights

working by the time guests arrive. The youngest child Brian walks over to his friend

Matt's house to play until guests arrive. Unsupervised, Brian's friend Matt took him to his

Mother's bedroom so he could show him her gun. The revolver, unlocked and hidden in a

dresser drawer under her clothes, was kept in the house as an extra measure of protection.

Matt knew there were bullets in the gun, but he didn't know the right way to unload the

piece. After shaking it a few times, he was able to remove five of the six rounds.

Assuming the weapon was completely empty, Matt began squeezing the trigger. On the

third pull, the overlooked round went off, and Brian was hit. The 35 friends and relatives

present for Christmas Eve dinner wound up in the emergency room praying for Brian's

life. He died on the operating table. On one side there are several opinions one being that

the gun isn't the problem its the neglect and lack of supervision the parents of young

Brian displayed. Actually no I am sorry but the mere fact that there was gun in the house

is neglect in its purest form. What if lets say it was locked up in a case and then in a safe

plus it wasn't loaded and the bullets weren't even in the same area as the fire arm. Well

if the point of the gun is self defense by the time you open up the safe (with several

attempts because you don't remember a combination that you never use)unlock the

case(where your hand can barley stay still with the knowledge of your death around the

corner.) struggle with the bullets(that seem to jump out your hand from your nerves) I'd

hate to brake it to you but your dead! Nothing could have prevented such a horrendous

occurrence would be that the gun was never purchased was never brought home and was

never allowed to be a intricle tool in not only the destruction of one little boys fragile life

but the lives of all the people that loved him and cared about...
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