Gummy Bear Lab

Topics: Water, Chemistry, Mass Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Oumou Fofana
Period: 1
Mrs. Furlong
December 19, 2012

Gummy Bear Lab

Question- If the percent of the concentration of a solution varies, will the amount of water gained or lost vary in a linear fashion?

Hypothesis- If the concentration of a solution varies, then the amount of water lost or gain will not vary in a linear fashion

Prediction- I think that the amount of water lost will not vary in a linear fashion. I think the water will vary like one gummy bear would lose 4 grams while another would lose 6 grams while another would lose 3.56 grams. Just numbers all over the place.

1. Materials needed:
a. 5 gummy bears
b. 5 beakers
c. A scale
d. Distilled water
e. Salt
f. A cover for each beaker
g. A paper to put on the scale
h. Tweezers

The independent variable is the salt in the water. The dependent variable is whether the amount of water lost or gained in the gummy bears varies in a linear fashion. The constants are the type of gummy bear used in this experiment, the type of salt, the type of beaker, the type of scale, the cover, amount of water, and the amount of time the gummy bears have. The control is the beaker without the salt in it; Beaker A. Safety procedures include washing your hands before and after the experiment.

Day 1: Get 5 beakers and 5 gummy bears. Put a paper on the scale and find the weight of the gummy bears. Then put the gummy bears in each beaker and label the beakers A-E. Put 100 ml of water in each beaker. Pick a solution you want each beaker to have. For this experiment the solutions were: Beaker A- 0%; Beaker B- 5%; Beaker C- 10%; Beaker D- 15%, and Beaker E- 20%. So to put the solutions into the beaker, first take salt and find the weight of it. It you want a 5% solution; the salt’s weight has to be 5 grams or close to 5 grams. Do the same for the other beakers. Of course, Beaker A will have no salt in it because it doesn’t have a solution with salt. Cover each...
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