Gullivers Travels

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Gulliver's Travels
Was Jonathan Swift truly a misanthrope? The definition of a misanthrope according to Princeton University is someone who dislikes people in general. The book Gulliver's Travels make it very clear that Swift is in fact a misanthrope. Swift creates Gulliver, the main character, who goes on four voyages around the world. Through Gulliver's travels it becomes clear that Swift does not agree with war, the government, and the outlook on human life.

Gulliver's first travel takes him to the land of the Lilliputians. Gulliver discovers that the Lilliputians are at war. The king decides he would like to use Gulliver's size to defeat the enemy. Gulliver asks the king why they were at war, and the king tells him that it started over the cracking of an egg and that the war has been going for over 100 years. The king tells Gulliver that no one is really sure why they are fighting. Gulliver chooses not to fight and is convicted of treason. Gulliver decides to flea and leaves the land of the Lilliputians. Swift is showing that he is not in favor of war and he is opposed to the ongoing war that England is fighting. Swift is showing his dislike for mankind and the morals in which people have. Swift is expressing his disgust in man.

Gulliver's second travel takes him to the land of the Brobdingnagians. He appears as a midget to them, and they appear as giants to him. The people of this land have no taxes and they all are considered equal. Gulliver tells the queen of how the people from his country have war and everyone is judged on wealth and family name. She proceeds to tell him that his people are the lowest people ever imaginable on earth. By making Gulliver appear small Swift is showing that he is inferior to the Brobdingnagians. Swift is showing that the way of life there is much better than that of England. Swift is satirizing man's way of life and the government. Swift believes that everyone should be considered equal. Swift's...
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