Guitar Highway Rose

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Abandoning the traditional book layout of chapters, Brigid Lowry brings into play new styles of writing in her novel Guitar Highway Rose (1997, McPherson's Printing Group). One of which is ‘stream of consciousness' where the character's immediate thoughts are written as they are onto the pages, creating a better understanding of the character. The use of multiple narrating perspectives and narrator intrusion in the novel allows the reader to see problems from different perspectives. Lowry also uses allusions from the real world to give the reader additional information about various characters in a different way. Together, these writing styles complement each other to give the reader a better understanding of the characters and a refreshing read.

Stream of consciousness, where the characters original and unorganized thoughts are written as they are onto the page, gives an unedited and personal feeling. This style allows the reader to read thoughts that the character would otherwise be embarrassed to admit. Such as Rosie's thoughts about her nose ring that she argued about with her mother, Lily. "…I have to admit it was a relief to take my nose ring out." As cited above pg 99. Because even the minor thoughts are included in the stream of consciousness, the reader is also able to understand the character more intimately than if the book was written in a traditional writing style, where the thoughts are more ordered and controlled. Asher's stream of consciousness when he preparing for school, as cited above, pg 16-17, allows the reader to get a glimpse into his morning. The reader can also explore his random thoughts such as how he thinks cereal boxes have a bad design. Stream of consciousness therefore allows the reader to understand the character better and more intimately than traditional chapters.

The novel also uses narrator intrusion and different narrating perspectives by shifting between various people to help develop the reader's understanding of the...
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