Guilty By association

Topics: High school, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, College Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Reflection on: Do I Look Like Public Enemy Number One?
Have you ever felt like someone was judging you because of your ethnicity, gender, school district you attend and/or cultural group? They put my high school friends and peers in a category of being a thug, teen parent, academic failure and more. The list goes on with the categories we are put in as students of McCaskey High School of the SDoL. There have been times where I was “guilty by association” not because I wanted to be, but because of where I attend school. As a student of J.P. McCaskey High School, I have dealt with being categorized by students from other high schools throughout the county. There have been times were I am working at a tennis camp and I introduce myself and tell them where I go to school and afterwards I have been asked “Are you a dad?” “Have you been stabbed?” “Do you do drugs?” the list goes on. The thing that I don’t get is why is it when we do something good it goes unnoticed but if someone that graduated from McCaskey does something bad or gets caught doing something the newspaper right away makes a big article and it makes the front page stating “ Former McCaskey student…” In my eyes that is a low blow to me as well as ALL McCaskey students as well as former students. Furthermore, this happens in other places such as newspapers as I stated briefly before. There can be something positive happen at McCaskey such as our IB/AP Honors SLC in which we allow kids to take college courses. There are very few schools that offer this and actually have a high percentage of students graduate with college credits fresh out of high school. So why and how did this start where everything that’s negative is put in the front page of the paper of the breaking news on the morning/evening news within the same day. This leads me to my next point. The media nowadays tend to twist and manipulate what people say to them about certain topics, such as when it comes to JP McCaskey High School. For...
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