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Guilty-free Holidays.

1) Eco-tourism is becoming more and more popular. 2) Travelers fell they are giving something back to the places they visit.

3) Sinking a warship - a group in England is planning to sink a retired warship in order to use it as an artificial diving reef. 4) They will generate ten million pounds a year for the local economy by attracting diving enthusiasts. 5) The sunken ship would attract divers from across Europe and there will be facilities for able-bodied and disabled divers. 6) The scheme would be the first for Britain. 7) Other countries including America and Australia already have artificial reefs created from redundant ships.

8) Hippies go home - Goa's Anjuna beach is a place where low budget tourists go when they have run out of money. 9) The local authorities have announced that they want to discourage tourists who visit the area on shoestring budgets. 10) Tourist organizations want to concentrate on Eco-tourism and plan to organize jungle safaris because they believe such projects will attract up-market travelers. 

11) Inca cable car - the Inca people built Machu Picchu high up in the mountains because the area was so remote. 12) A Swiss company plans to build a cable car to lift visitors 500m up into the mountains. 13) The cable car will be visible from the sites famous Sun Temple. 14) There is also a wider concern that big business tourism will benefit from the scheme. 15) The Peruvian government supports the cable car scheme, saying that it will allow it to go ahead, and it will see that the character of Machu Picchu is preserved.

16) African Village Experience - Tourists will be offered the chance to encounter a wide range of wildlife. 17) This project was set up be the local villagers who were suffering from a downturn in the national economy. 18) The tours are led by English speaking villagers, and visitors can choose from activities such as meeting the local healer to taking part in cooking or farming. 19)...
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