Guidlines for Writing an Ergonomic Paper

Topics: Anthropometry, Bridle joint, Research Pages: 8 (1090 words) Published: December 10, 2008
Design Situation: The Kindergarten is in need of some new furniture. Describe the situation in the kindergarten as an area that requires improving | | |
|Investigation of need. Conduct initial research into this particular problem leading to the design brief. Evidence of | | |the need and its importance are apparent | | |Project Web Brain Storm all possibilities | | |Design Brief You have been approached/commissioned/asked…… | | |to design and manufacture a prototype model of a piece of children’s furniture. | | |Include in the brief: | | |The limitation of the material. | | |You can use additional assembly components. | | |The target audience – gender and age | | |The level of production ie. mass produced = cheaper prices | | |If it is mass produced what type of design should the product be? Mention this also! | | |Design must be flat packed/self assembly | | |Design a colourful, ergonomic chair, chair/table with some storage facilities suitable for a small child. The chair is | | |to be made out of MDF on the CNC router (each section must fit the router bed). It should come in flat pack form an use| | |knock down fittings. | | |The design should show evidence of inspiration from a famous designer. | | |Feasibility study of the project is considered including cost, time, facilities and scope. | | |Project Web Brain Storm all possibilities | | |Primary Specifications are explained in relation to the design brief. The design specification is justified and | | |reasonably complete. Priorities for research and development are explained. | | |RESEARCH Priorities and strategies for collecting data are clear. | | |Information or data gathered is relevant to the specification. | | |Research four designers or artists. We are looking for inspiration through form, shape and colour. Possible design | | |groups Memphis, Bauhaus. Artists Miro, Kandinsky, Mondrian. Can you think of any others you like? Collect examples of | | |their work and write a short biography. State weather or not you like their work. Select an artist/designer to look at | | |Research Produce a sheet of images/style board by your chosen artist/designer. | | |Research children's furniture suitable for a kindergarten. Six products | | |Price | | |Size | | |Company who manufacture the product...
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