Guidline Group Assignment DIGITAL

Topics: Marketing, Digital, Social marketing Pages: 4 (792 words) Published: June 14, 2015


1. Students need to form groups comprising of 4 to 5 members each group. 2. Choose any company of your interest that have different forms of online presence and describe digital marketing activities of this company. 3. Please prepare a project paper upon the information available and if possible conduct an interview with the person in charge in the digital marketing strategy. 4. Provide evidence(s) to support the contents.

5. Company chosen must not be the same from each other’s group.

Report Contents:

1. Introduction
1.1. Company Name and Address
1.2. Brief History and Description of Business
1.2.1. How many employees, year of establishment, number of years in business, local or multinational company 1.2.2. Brief Overview about their markets and trends
1.3. Introduction on company products and services

2. The company’s digital marketing activities
2.1. Business or e-marketing objectives or the company’s online value proposition 2.2. Digital technologies involves i.e. platforms, forms of online presence, its digital media channels, social marketing tools, and revenue model 2.3. Digital marketing strategy

3. The company’s online marketplace analysis
3.1. Micro environment
3.1.1. Explain about the company’s customer’s suppliers and intermediaries 3.1.2. Research tools used for assessing digital markets
3.1.3. Analysis of the company’s competitors using the Portal 5 Forces 3.2. The company’s Internet macro environment
3.2.1. Macro-environment forces focusing on the company’s relevance to the company’s digital marketing strategy.

4. The company’s digital marketing mix
4.1. Explain the implications of the Internet on the company’s 7P’s of marketing mix

5. The company’s E-CRM
5.1. Review the E-CRM capabilities

6. Delivering the online customer experience
6.1. Discuss the company’s website on the design effectiveness. The group should describe design...
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