Guidelines in Project Feasibility

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Guidelines in Project Feasibility Study
Chapter 1
Project Summary

1. Highlights of the Study
2.1 Capsule View
Eggplant crackers is a homemade crackers that can be introduced to our business is a healthy food with the cheapest ingredients and so easy to make. Eggplant is very popular in treating various diseases. We made eggplant crackers because we all know that in our time there are so many food products that are unhealthy like junkfoods that is why eggplant crackers is made instead of eating unhealthy foods. (Why did you come up with this kind of business. Pls elaborate and give additional information about your project) 2.2 General Description

Eggplant, or aubergine as it is called in France, is a vegetable long prized for its beauty as well as its unique taste and texture. Eggplants belong to the plant family of Solanaceae, also commonly known as nightshades, and are kin to the tomato, bell pepper and potato. Eggplants grow in a manner much like tomatoes, hanging from the vines of a plant that grows several feet in height. One of the most popular varieties of eggplant in North America looks like a pear-shaped egg, a characteristic from which its name is derived. The skin is glossy and deep purple in color, while the flesh is cream colored and spongy in consistency. Contained within the flesh are seeds arranged in a conical pattern. In addition to this variety, eggplant is also available in a cornucopia of other colors including lavender, jade green, orange, and yellow-white, as well as in sizes and shapes that range from that of a small tomato to a large zucchini. While the different varieties do vary slightly in taste and texture, one can generally describe the eggplant as having a pleasantly bitter taste and spongy texture. In many recipes, eggplant fulfills the role of being a complementary ingredient that balances the surrounding flavors of the other more pronounced ingredients. 2. Name of Project

Eggplant Crackers – we name it eggplant crackers because it is made of pure eggplant and crackers because when we cooked it will become crunchy like a chips but instead of naming it as chips we call it crackers so that we will avoid emitations from other products. 3. Location of Project

The production site is located at 630 Anonas St. Sta.Mesa, Manila. A booth will be placed in front of PUP Sta.Mesa, Manila. We choose the location because our target markets will be the students, professors, and employees of said schools, also by-passers. 4. Size of Head Office /Plant/Factory

The size of the store is 23.5 square per meter. (How about the plant/factory or office) 5. Comprehensive Description of the Nature of the Business, it’s operation, management aspects and product services it will manufactured. The eggplant is an important food crop that belongs to the same family (Solanaceae) and genus (Solanum) as the potato and tomato. It is a very popular vegetable in many parts of the world, particularly in the warm parts of southern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The eggplant has a number of different names in English speaking countries – the two most common are eggplant and aubergine. The plants were originally called eggplant because the fruit on the first plants that arrived in Northern Europe and America, which were grown as ornamentals in the 1600s, looked just like small white eggs. These plants are still available today but their fruits are not as tasty as the well-known dark purple variety. Today, eggplants come in many shapes, sizes, and colours and are enjoyed around the world. Several different species of Solanum are commonly known as eggplant: Solanum melongena is the common eggplant or aubergine, Solanum aethiopicum is the Gilo eggplant, and Solanum macrocarpon is the Goma eggplant. (In comprehensive Description of the nature of the business, first you describe what is the type of business operation of your project. Then how will you operate this? Who will manage the...
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