Guidelines for Science Quiz Bee

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Elementary and Secondary
The Regional Finals of the contest shall be conducted in a Quiz Show Format .There shall be four (4) rounds for all categories: Easy, Average, Difficult, and Clincher. There shall be ten (10) easy questions, five (5) average questions, and five (5) difficult questions. All contestants shall answer all questions in the 3 rounds. Each correct answer in every round will be given corresponding points, to wit: Easy – 1 pt.

Average - 2 points
Difficult - 3 points
Each contestant shall be provided with answer sheets/Show Me Board. Each question must be answered within the time allocated for it. Ten (10) seconds for the easy part, twenty (20) seconds for the average questions and thirty (30) seconds for the difficult questions. The quizmaster shall read each question twice and the time shall start only after the quizmaster says “GO”. The contestants may begin to answer only after the quizmaster says “GO”. The contestant must write his/her final answer on the answer sheet. If a contestant wishes to change his/her answer, the former answer should be crossed-out and the final answer encircled. All answers must be spelled correctly to be considered correct. If the answer is a proper noun, capitalization of the first letter of the word is also a basis in declaring an answer correct. Questions shall indicate the number of significant figures for numerical answers. Use of calculators is not allowed. After the time limit has expired, the proctors will collect the answer sheet of each contestant before the quiz master reads the correct answer. The scorer-timer/s shall write on the tabulation board the score of each contestant after every item. If there is a question on the correctness of the answer, the validity of the answer will be determined by the Examiner/Board of Judges. The decision of the Examiner/Board of Judges is final. Solutions may be checked by the Board of Judges if needed.

The total score...
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