Guidelines for Preparing Dissertation/Internship/Ocp Report, Iiuc

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International Islamic Universi ty Chi t tagong
Department of Business Administration
Guidelines for Preparing Dissertation/Internship/OCP Report
Program: BBA

Internship Report contents:

1. Title page: (sample – 1)
2. First page: (sample – 2)
3. Letter of Submission to the Head of the Department.
4. Internship Certificate: Provided by the chief of the internship institution 5. Acknowledgements: 1 page
6. Executive summary / Abstract: 2 pages
A paragraph each on
a. The company
b. The problem or opportunity
c. Methodology
d. Key Parts of the report & your findings and solutions provided in the report. e. Benefits to the company / institution through your report. 7. Table of Contents
8. Background of the Study
a. Introduction: 1 page
b. Objectives: 1 page
c. Methodology: 1 page
If research based: 3-4 pages
Research Description:
a. Type of Research
b. Sample Design
The population:
Sampling Unit:
Sample Size:
Sampling Method:
c. Survey Method
d. Questionnaire Design
e. Data Analysis & Interpretation
f. Report Writing & Presentation
d. Scope: Areas and issues covered during internship- 1 paragraph e. Limitation: 1 paragraph
9. Main report part:
a. Company & Product information
b. Company competitive situation
c. Analysis of findings according to the topic:
needed. Instead of tables try to provide Graphs. Graphs should be neat and clean with proper title & description of axes and variables
10. Summary of Findings: 1 page (according to your objectives) 11. Recommendations: At least 2 pages. Your recommendations must highlight your findings from the primary research / analysis.
12. Conclusion: 1 page
13. Future Research: (for dissertation)
14. Referencing: Use proper referencing of books, magazines, articles, website, etc. The sequence should be maintained for referencing:
For Book: i. Author(s) (last part of name will appear first) Address and name of Publisher & Date of Publication iv. Page(s) e.g.
Ross, S.A., Westerfield,...
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