Guidelines for Completing the Reflective Journal Templates

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Guidelines for completing the Reflective Journal Templates

Studies have shown that reflection upon one’s learning is key to a full learning experience. For this reason, you will be required to keep reflective journals as part of your professional development. There are two different Reflective Journal templates.

Workshop Reflection – to be completed after attendance of each one day of workshop

Technology Reflection – to be competed after using the technology in your work practises. Participants are required to integrate at least two new skills into their work practises after each one day of workshop attendance.

How long will it take?
As a rough guide, each journal entry should take approximately 20-30 minutes. You may take more or less time depending upon your time constraints and the amount of detailed information you wish to include. Feel free to add comments but the minimum requirements are included in the template. I suggest you check out the exemplars first for ideas on how to complete them.

What should I write?
Don’t worry about how you write. Spelling, punctuation, grammar etc are of no concern whatsoever to the program. We are trying to access experience and thoughts.
Don’t worry if you discover your answers overlap or if you feel one question has already been answered in response to another. Try to write something, no matter how brief your response may be to each question. If you find that you have nothing to comment on in certain sections note so, may be this is telling you something important about your practice?

You can access these templates from the project wiki ( and complete the templates: 1.Electronically (with Word or you can use the online survey) 2.Print off and complete them by hand.

You are not limited to space provided in the template, each section expands to accommodate different amounts of information.

When do I submit them?
Workshop reflections need to be submitted to the project facilitator at the next workshop, along with a quick demonstration of your achievements. You may also choose to email them to the project facilitator (

All information completed in journals is confidential. It is used only to evaluate the implementation of the PDSP program. There is no requirement to identify yourself personally if you choose not to. You may also prefer to edit your journal entry before submission; this is fine as long as all required fields are completed.

The reflections on the practice lessons will be retained by the project facilitator along with examples of materials created. If you have any questions or concerns about your Reflective Journal please don’t hesitate to discuss with your Project Facilitator.

Reflective Journal Template – Workshop Reflection

Date of Workshop

What was the highlight of the workshop?

What aspect caused you the most anxiety?

Was there any aspect that surprised you?

What were the three most important things you took away from the day?




Which aspects would you include in your own work practise based on your learning experience?

Reflective Journal Template – Workshop Reflection

Date of WorkshopApril 2007

What was the highlight of the workshop?
I have been using a PDA for several months in my work and have been gradually developing my skills so I found the content directly relevant and practical. I picked up a lot of handy hints and ideas.

The presenter was happy and positive and made everyone feel at ease.

What aspect caused you the most anxiety?
I initially felt that other participants picked up the skills quickly and completed the tasks well before me. This made me feel uncomfortable and I became annoyed with myself.

Was there any aspect that surprised you?
I thought creating the assessment...
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