Guide to Unix Chapter 2

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Andrew Cortino
April 9th
Chapter 2 ?'s

1. Your company is discussing plans to migrate desktop and laptop users to Linux. One concern raised by the users is whether Linux supports the use of CDs and DVDs for both work files and for listening to music. Which of the following is an appropriate answer?

c. Linux supports both the UDF and iso9660 file systems for CD and DVD use.

2. You receive a message that you’ve successfully backed up hda2 on your Linux system. What is hda2?

b. the second partition on your main hard disk

3. You have purchased a special monitor for your computer and the instructions tell you to make a minor modification to the inittab file. Where would you locate this file on a typical Linux system?

d. /etc

4. You’re frantically trying to get ready for a meeting and want to access a file in your home directory, but you are currently working in a public directory open to all users. What command can you enter to instantly go to your home directory?

a. cd

5. Your new colleague asks which partitions vendors recommend setting up on a Linux system. Which of the following partitions do you include in your response? (Choose all that apply.)

b. root
c. swap
d. /boot

6. You have mounted a remote network drive and now you want to unmount that drive. Which of the following commands do you use? (Choose all that apply.)

b. umount

7. When you connect a printer via a USB port on your Linux computer, which type of device special file is used to handle streams of data sent to and from the printer?

a. character special file

8. Some of the users in your company create and delete so many files that they have problems with fragmented disks. Which of the following new features in the ext4 file system help to reduce fragmentation problems?

d. extents

9. In UNIX and Linux systems, what source of extra memory space is used when working on tasks and files that exceed the RAM capacity on chips in the computer?

b. swap partition

10. You are always scheduled for two or three meetings each day and need to keep an eye on the time. What PS1 variable parameter can you set in order to have your command prompt display the current time?

a. \t

11. You have been working in several directories for the past hour and right now you don’t remember which directory you’re in currently. What command can you use to show your current working directory?

c. pwd

12. A member of your department has given you permissions to view the contents of the accounting directory under his home directory. The name of his home directory is bramirez. Which of the following commands should you use to display the contents of the accounting directory?

c. ls /home/bramirez/accounting

13. It’s late and you have been working all day to finish a report. Before you go home, you want to copy several files, including your report file. What copy command should you use to ensure that you don’t inadvertently copy an older report file over the newer report file you’ve been working on for the last four hours?

a. cp -u

14. Which of the following are file systems supported by UNIX and Linux operating systems? (Choose all that apply.)

b. vfat
d. ufs
e. ext

15. You are helping a friend who is new to Linux. You want to determine which entries under her home directory are directories instead of files. When you perform a long listing of the home directory’s contents, what do you use to distinguish a directory from a file?

d. The very first character in the line for an entry will be “d” for directory or “-” for an ordinary file.

16. Your boss is planning to do some house cleaning by deleting several old files. However, she mentions that she doesn’t want to delete an important file inadvertently. What command can she use so that she is prompted to make sure she wants to delete a particular file?

d. rm -I

17. You are curious about the error and system logs kept by your operating system. In...
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