Guide to Professional Image

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The Guide to Professional Image

Kimberly Anderson
BUSI 472 B03 200930
Professor David Calland
June 7, 2009

The Guide to Professional Image
It is expected that those persons whom work in the corporate world should uphold to the use of professional business etiquette. Professional business etiquette could apply to the way we look and speak publicly. Webster defines the term professional as" exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace". However, this definition implies a very generic perspective of the terms relevance as it applies to how we dress and how we speak. It is important in the corporate world, we maintain a professional image and that we speak professionally whether it is publicly, in written form, or by electronic mail. This paper will address proper business etiquette through the importance of professional image by what we wear and how we speak through electronic mail. Behind The Scenes of Dressing Professionally

We all have had that moment in our lives where we prepare to interview for a potential job. Primarily we have turned in our resumes which initially impressed the company, and that is why we got called to the interview in the first place. As we go through our wardrobe we think "dress to impress" because thatis what we have been taught, and of course, we ultimately want to look nice on our initial interview. Everyone has their different perception of dressing to impress, but within this paper we will cover some points on things that we can do to enhance our image professionally. It is common that we hear first impressions are the most important, and that fact has proven itself to be true in many occasions outside of our professional being. The truth is we could be holding ourselves back from advancements simply because of our look outwardly. It is hard to believe that lack of grooming or ill dressing would be a contributing factor to the termination of some employees, but statistics show that "one in five employees said that at least one had some impact on firing decision" (Repinski, 1999, pg.4). The bottom line is we are judged based on our appearance, and although it may not be the right thing, the fact is the philosophy of judging is not going anywhere. We have to learn how to market our image; similar to marketing a product, but instead our appearance is that product. The first thing is not to be afraid to invest in your future, and realize that in order to move up we must first dress up and get recognized. Frankly, there are a million people in this world seeking to be known for their talents and their abilities, but the truth is, their looks will be noticed before their capabilities will be. We learn in marketing about image advertising and its use for differentiating brands of parity products; image advertising is promoting the image, or general perception, of a product or service, rather than promoting its functional attributes. The image advertising tactics should be applied when we began to dress professionally. Defining Your Professional Image (Woman)

Women are perpetually hard to define, so trying to establish the professional image for a woman could become very complex. The key would be for each woman to define her personality through her style of dress, rather than trying to establish one guide line of dress for all women to follow. There are four basic categories that the professional image of the woman could apply to: formal, casual, business, and leisure. There are four general rules to defining the 360 degree professional apparel of the woman. Women should find looks that (1) compliments her physically, (2) express her personality, (3) are appropriate to the occasion, and (4) are current and fashionable (Posser, 2005, pg.1). Finally, women also have to consider their make-up. The quantity and application of their make-up, as well as their hairstyle choices, are equally important as their apparel to their professional...
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