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After 15 years, 5000+ hours, hundreds of books and resources, many thousands of dollars and countless mistakes, arrives the one and only guide book by Guna Deivendran, Founder of for making money online.

Make Money Online With Startup Booster dot com
Bringing Money Making Resources Together to Provide You with the Right Strategy and Tools to Make Money Online in 2010 and Beyond

Guna Deivendran May 2010

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Make Money Online With Startup Booster dot Com
Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Introduction……………………………………………….. Chapter 2 – My Recommendations for Making Mone y Online .. How to Make Sure You are Successful Defining Your Goals How to Come up With a Pla n to Make Money Online Understanding the Idea of Making Residual Income versus One-Time Income Chapter 3 – Why You can Make Money from Blogging…….…... History and Origin of Blogging The Strategy to Make Money Blogging Chapter 4 – Identify Your Niche Market ……………..……………. What is Niche Market? Who are you? Finding your Niche Market Chapter 5 – How to Setup Your Ow n Blog ………………............ Setting Up a Blog on Your Own Domain Name Setting up Your Blog on a Free Blogging Site Chapter 6 – How to Make Mone y With Your Blog ………….…….. Making Money from Advertisements Making Money from Affiliate Marketing Making Money from with Your Own Products Chapter 7 – How to Make a Killing with Your Blog .………........ How to Build a List Build a Relationship with Your Community Make the Sale Chapter 8 – Conclusion – Did You Learn Anything? ............... 17 17 19 20 20 21 23 32 33 37 39 39 41 42 44 44 45 46 47

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Copyright 2010 by – All Rights Reserved Make Money Online with Startup Booster dot Com


Make Money Online With Startup Booster dot Com Chapter 1 – Introduction Every single day more and more people are looking for ways to make money online for various reasons. The reason could be as simple as an alternative way to make money, earn additional money for living, replace existing income with online income, or simply looking for ways to make a few extra dollars. W ith today’s fast-paced world, people are realizing that having a “job” and working 40 hours a week is not going to provide them with the resources to raise a family . It is also not the ideal way to live. You deserve better. You need to work less and make more money. You can do that with the Internet – given that you follow the right strategy.

W hen I started out 15 years ago to play around with the online world, the virtual world as I like to call it, my motive wasn’t to make money. I was simply a teenager, eager to learn HTML to setup my own website on GeoCities! Yes the famous GeoCities, which used to be the home for me...
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