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Guidelines for Writing Critiques
HUM1020: Introduction to the Humanities
Marc Magellan

The critique should be only 200 words and fit neatly on one (1) typewritten page—no longer, no shorter. Obviously, spelling, grammar, correct punctuation, and clear thoughts count. A critique by definition does not mean that you need to be critical and find fault; instead, it is a means to demonstrate your ability to use the technical vocabulary and knowledge that you acquire in class to describe your experiences. What to critique? LIVE activities such as plays, concerts, art museums, art galleries, dance recitals, etc. Attempt to choose a variety of experiences. Events must take place during the current term (no, you may not write a critique on a concert you saw last year). Take advantages of activities on campus. (However, do not critique the Burgers of Calais, or rock/pop concerts.) Attendance must be for the entire performance. It is extremely rude and disrespectful to the performers to come late or leave early!

How to write your critique:
1. One page of 200 words
2. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.
a. No contractions in academic papers!
b. Visit the writing center (2207) if you need help
3. Proper Format:
a. Margins—1 inch on each side
b. Do not right justify
c. 12 point, Times New Roman font
d. Double-spaced
e. No cover page (save a tree!)
f. Provide your name, date of attendance, and class section 4. Include a copy of the program, ticket stub, playbill, etc., as proof of attendance, stapled to the back a. If you have no proof, then I suggest attending another event and procure proof. 5. Content:

a. Paragraph I—Who, When, Where, What? (Description of what you attended) i. Use technical vocabulary [About 125 words]
b. Paragraph II—Your subjective reaction to the event [About 75 words]

* All critiques MUST be uploaded to the ANGEL Dropbox in the Lessons tab. Take pride in what you do and show your...
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