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Topics: Adolescence, Decision making, Peer group Pages: 2 (833 words) Published: November 3, 2014

A parent's guide to teenagers Mahsa Being a parent or carer is one of the most fantastic and rewarding things in life, however it can also be challenging. As a parent or carer, you have a huge influence on your son or daughters life. Your impact can help them become who they are, to shape their values and aspirations. Knowing how to respond to their teenage needs isn't always easy. There really is no straight forward answer, however this guide will surely help you get one step closer to helping your teen with their problems. What makes teenage years so special?

Between the age of thirteen and nineteen, people develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. People of these ages ay most likely be dealing with many problems and pressures. They'll be experimenting with friendships and relationships. At this time, school or work nay be adding pressure to their lives. Puberty will also occur in these years, it can be very confusing and even frightening for your child. Through adolescence, both girls and boys will be feeling self conscious and worried about fitting in. One of the most difficult things about being a parent or carer to a teenager is knowing when to let your child make their own decisions and knowing when to step in and help. Helping your child with self esteem

One of the main struggles in the adolescence stage is self esteem. It's often hard for a teenager to feel good about themselves, this could be because they're surrounded by images of "perfect" men and women. As a parent, you have a vital role in shaping how your child sees themselves. You have to watch what you say, whether or not they show it, your child listens to your opinion. Comments about their weight, intelligence or other abilities may mean nothing to you, but they stick with your child. For example, instead of pointing out to your child that they're overweight, you could ask them to exercise with you. One of the best...
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