Guide dog notes

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Guide dogs from puppies to partners
-You can't leave your puppy alone for more than three hours
-In the puppy raiser family the adult is seen as the pack leader and the children are seen as equals -puppy raising supervisors visit every four to six weeks to check on the dogs well being and to give advice -house training begins the day the puppy arrives at the home - the dogs are taught to relieve themselves on the cement. They use a few different commands either busy busy or quick quick -the puppy raisers usually hold there dogs when they go out in public. They talk to the dogs in a reassuring voice to calm them when they are young. -the puppy raisers strive to make the puppies relaxed. They want the puppy to be relaxed everywhere they go. Examples include football games and grocery stores. -the puppies are taught to listen to deeper voices when they need to be reprimanded. -puppies can board at the foundation if there raiser is on vacation or I'll -when the dog is 12 months old it is returned to the center

-five months later the puppy graduates from the puppy raising program and the puppy raisers are invited to attend. -two dogs are kept in a kennel with an infrared light for warmth. There are two parents of the kennel the front is where the dogs live and the back is where the dogs go to the bathroom - the floors are also heated to keep the dogs warm

-all of the dogs are put outside together to play. The dogs need to be trained to get along with other animals - while the dogs are in the kennels the vet visits every three weeks. -most kennels keep a few cats in their kennel for exposure purposes - trainers like to use leash corrections as few as possible. They find that talking to the dog works a lot better. - when people come to training they stay for four weeks

-the students are first taught to lead there dogs with leashes -you must take orientation and mobility before you can have a guide dog - dogs are trained to walk on your left side
-if you...
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