Guidance services

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The school is expected to provide more than just teaching and instruction. A school programme includes all those activities other than instructional which are carried out to render assistance to pupils in their educational, vocational, personal development and adjustment.

The elementary school counsellor serves the needs of all elementary students, to help them develop, academically, socially and emotionally. The school counsellor’s role is constantly changing, reflecting the needs of the many people in our school community; children, parents, teachers, and administrators. A variety of services are provided: Guidance Lessons

The elementary guidance curriculum is child-centred and developmental - considers the characteristics and needs of each age and grade level. The curriculum encourages students to: - develop positive self-image

- become more aware of the relationships between themselves and others - recognize their own needs and goals
Individual Counselling Services
Elementary school counsellors meet individually with students to provide support for school-related issues. The counselling strategies vary with each student’s needs and are provided on a short-term basis as determined by the school counsellor. Students can refer themselves to the counsellor or can be referred by parents, teachers, or other school staff. Group Counselling Services

Elementary school counsellors meet with small groups of students on various topics. Topics are determined by the children’s needs and interests. Consultation
School counsellors, parents, and teachers work together to support children. Elementary school counsellors work with parents:
- to exchange and gather information
- to provide recommendations; and
- to discuss parenting concerns

Elementary school counsellors work with teachers, administrators, and other staff: - to provide information, materials and referral assistance - to address student needs, especially within the Instructional Support Team (IST); and - to promote a positive learning environment.

Is it time to speak with the counsellor?
Parents should feel free to call the counsellor when they notice certain signs of potential problem in their child: - You see a dramatic change in your child’s behaviour. A happy child becomes withdrawn. A friendly child wants to be alone. - There’s been a change in your family. A new marriage, a severe illness, a divorce or a new baby can all effect school work. -Your child begins acting out and fails to respond to your usual methods of discipline. The behaviour that you see at home may also be occurring at school. GUIDANCE SERVICES IN SECONDARY

The Guidance Department is committed to helping students successfully navigate through high school academically, socially, and personally. This begins with the guidance counsellors visiting the middle schools to help 8th grade students make informed decisions about course selection and getting involved in school activities at the high school. This is done in conjunction with an eighth grade parent night to introduce parents to the high school. ONCE STUDENTS HAVE TRANSITIONED IN AS FRESHMEN, meet the ninth graders in groups to stress the importance of being an active participant in their high school education. It is important for students to understand early on that the decisions they make as freshmen can impact their future plans. IN THE SOPHOMORE YEAR, administer the PLAN assessment to all 10th graders and then schedule individual meetings with the students and parents to begin the discussion and planning for what comes after high school. We often refer to this meeting as “The Kick-off” to the college planning process. BY JUNIOR YEAR, students should be in full gear with their post secondary planning and help jump start this by providing students with the tools to get started in group sessions. THE COMPREHENSIVE...
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