Guidance Services

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Historically, the term guidance has been used in the field of education to designate the assistance given to students in the solution of problems that lay outside the area of classroom teaching situations. For instance, ever since the first decade of the present century, guidance has meant, to a large extent, the guidance of students in the area of vocational problems. By about 1925, a growing number of colleges and universities were providing guidance services for their students. These activities were more commonly referred to as student personnel services. Today, these services constitute an all-embracing program of assistance to students; this program, of course, includes guidance services. At the high-school level as well as at the college level, these services have more and more included assistance to students in solving their educational, vocational, and personal problems. In its early years, the vocational guidance movement was initiated and conducted primarily by semipublic, philanthropic agencies; it also was fostered by some of the public school systems in larger cities. The guidance services thus furnished were offered mainly to young people of high-school age. For decades, teachers in the elementary grades have aided their pupils in adjusting themselves to their problems. Although these teachers have been most concerned with training pupils in the essential skills and content fields, they have rendered aid in nonacademic as well as academic fields both inside and outside of the classroom. For this reason, some elementary schools were slow to recognize that pupils should have special services over and above those normally provided by classroom teachers. As recognition of this need has grown, however, elementary schools have employed school psychologists, adjustment teachers, and child guidance workers to give attention to the whole child and to his special needs and wants. The complexities of modern life and the changes therein mean that people confront more problems formerly and that they have more difficulty in achieving satisfactory solutions. They find that older patterns of thinking and acting and those older stocks of knowledge are inadequate guides in the new situations. For these reasons, people as individuals are in greater need of assistance today than they were in the past. To obtain this assistance, they look to other organizations that have assumed responsibility for guidance services. These organizations may be the school, the church, the place of work; they may be private or public service agencies. Statement of the Problem

The Guidance Office is an integral part of any academic institution. It plays a vital role in making learning a positive experience for every student. There are more challenges faced by our young people today than ever before in the course of our history. This provides a great challenge for the guidance and counseling program. That challenge is to provide an opportunity for all students to learn, achieve and receive the best education possible in order to accomplish their dreams and goals in life. With this, the research group attempts to assess the programs and services of the Guidance Office. More specifically, the investigating group intends to answer the following questions:

1. What is the assessment of the seniors on the Guidance Program in terms of the following? 1. Level of awareness of students of its programs 2. Availability of guidance counselor

3. Effectiveness of the Testing Program
4. Effectiveness of the Career Guidance Program
5. Conduciveness of the Guidance Office
6. Accessibility of the Guidance Office
7. Attainment of its Objectives
2. Which program of the Guidance Office do seniors find most helpful? 3. Which program of the Guidance Office do...
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