Guidance Program for Elementary

Topics: Education, Learning, Psychology Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Division of City Schools
City of Santa Rosa

Regina Coeli School
Brgy. Balibago,
City of Santa Rosa, Laguna

Elementary Level Guidance Program for School Year 2012 – 2013.

Philosophy: The Regina Coeli School Guidance program is an integral part of the overall educational process. It prepares students to be responsible citizens of society by facilitating their intellectual, physical, moral, emotional, social and career development. The district recognizes that students are individuals with unique talents, learning styles, and capabilities. With this purpose in mind, a school-counseling program that is sequential and developmental in nature is provided for all students. Mission: The Regina Coeli School Counseling and Guidance program supports the district philosophy that all students will learn and nurture personal development in the school and community.

Guidance Services/Programs| Activities| Objective/s| Target Participants| Time Frame| Persons Involved| I. Guidance Curriculum * Self-esteem development * Motivation to achieve * Decision making, goal setting, planning, and problem-solving skills * Interpersonal effectiveness * Communication skills * Cross-cultural effectiveness• Responsible behavior| * Structured Groups * Consultation * Classroom Presentations| Student awareness, skill development, and application of skills needed in everyday life.| All elementary level students| Once in every month.| School CounselorTeachers/FacilitatorsStudents|

Guidance Services/Programs| Activities| Objective/s| Target Participants| Time Frame| Persons Involved| II. Individual Planning * Educational - Acquisition of study skills - Grade to grade transitioning - Utilization of test data * Personal-Social - Development of healthy self-concepts - Development of adaptive...
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