Guidance Monitoring

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Since, that we are now on the generation of technological innovations, teachers’ and students are exploring for something that can help them for further improve and develop and techniques in the learning process.

As the popularity of educational institution arises, the population of student increases. Thus, a more advanced technologically updated and efficient facility for student is needed in order to attain the vision of continuous production of quality of graduates. Among the important services that are related to student development is the guidance services. This has become apparent for the researchers to come up with the idea with a proposing a modern school facilities focused in the guidance counseling office that will contribute to the promotion of the school as one of the modernized institution in region.

Student Monitoring System of guidance and counseling is considered as a powerful material for it advancement of technology for any academic institution. It is an indispensable office to all educational institution. It is basically concerned with the good moral character of every student wherein the guidance personnel’s discusses lessons in order for the students to learn good values. They also give advices to those students who internally and externally are facing problems. Without the guidance office, schools will turn out to be a mere building of stone for the guidance office set the heart that motivates, enlightens, and provides the needed push on every students in their chosen career.

Unfortunately, the system which the Guidance office is using seems left blunt for nowadays. The personnel are using manual system in recording the student’s individual records. The process also consumes too much time in performing the works of the personnel. Furthermore, the process of claiming class cards is obviously and slow finding out of individual student’s records is also difficult. Because of these the student motivated to conduct a study in order to establish a new system for the guidance office of the ISU-R.

Conceptual Framework

The decision about the use of computers versus manual management and compilation of data are likely to depend on the availability and maintainability of computer hardware, the availability of project staff with computer operating skills, and the possibility of protection against heat, dust, humidity, power surges and theft. Effective computerization includes programs that check data as it is entered, automate calculations (rather than having them made by field staff), utilize commercially available software, and automatically back up data frequently.

The development of the system will follow the flow of the paradigm. The first block, which is the input, contains the present student monitoring system of the guidance and counseling office, which are the manual system and the level of acceptance on the proposed system. The second block which is the process is the development of the student monitoring system of the guidance and counseling office with the use of the visual basic and database management. After the process it will follow that there is expected output of the study, which is the computerized monitoring system of the guidance and counseling office of the Isabela State University Roxas Campus

Paradigm of the Study

Fig .1.1


Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to establish the students monitoring system of the guidance and counseling office of the ISU-R. Specially, this study aimed to enlightened the problems here in stated:

1. What is the present student monitoring system implemented by the guidance office of the ISU-R along the following:

a. absences
b. students behavior
c. students...
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