Guidance Curriculum

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Guidance Curriculum
Three Major Components of Guidance Curriculum
Academic Development – the academic standards serve as a guide for the school counseling to implement strategies and activities that support and maximize student learning. These include: Acquiring skills, attitudes, and knowledge to learn effectively; Employing strategies to achieve success in school; and

Understanding the relationship of academics to the world of work, and to life at home and in the community Career Development
Program strategies for career development serve as a guide for the school counseling program to provide the foundation for acquiring the skills that enable students to make a successful transition from school to the world of work. These include: ◦Strategies to achieve future career success and job satisfaction; ◦Fostering an understanding of the relationship between personal qualities, education and training, and the world of work; ◦The development of career goals by all students as a result of career awareness and experiential activities. Personal/Social Development Program

Standards for personal/social development serve as a guide for the school counseling program to provide the foundation for personal and social growth which contributes to academic and career success. Personal/social development includes: The acquisition of skills, attitudes, and knowledge, which help students to respect self and others. The use of effective interpersonal skills

The employment of safety and survival skills
The understanding of the obligation to be a contributing member of society, and The ability to negotiate successfully and safely in the increasingly complex and diverse world of the 21st century. Academic Counseling

Referred to as academic advisement. This generally refers to trained professionals counseling students on their academic plans, for cause-taking while secondary school as well as for post secondary education. Facilitates contact for representatives from colleges and universities, military personnel and trade and technical school staff Maintains a current library of career and post-secondary school information Provides articulation services from grade six through post-secondary schools. Activities associates with career guidance and counseling programs typically include: advising students and parents on high school programs and academic curriculum, preparing for the rigor of post secondary and admission. Arranging dual/concurrent enrollment and advance placement credits to prepare students for the rigor of post secondary education. Planning and preparation for college admission tests and the like.

Informing students about post secondary financing that can be used to support advanced education and training. Developing career portfolios, which include test and grades result, example of student work, and resumes and cover letters prospective employers. Arranging job shadowing, work placements, and community-based learning programs to allow students to directly experience workplace situations. Sponsoring workshops, classes, focus groups, and special presentations that focus on job skills and personal development Sponsoring specialized counseling and intervention services to provide students with individualized attention. In order for students to experience positive academic, career, personal, and social growth within the school environment, the counselors endeavor to provide counseling and guidance programs so that: oStudents will develop an understanding of their interest, values, and abilities as they relate to educational and career/life planning and presentation Students will be helped to deal with personal and social problems when they seek guidance from their counselor Parents will have access to the counseling and guidance program in order to help develop and realize student potential. Teachers and other staff members will understand the role and...
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