Guidance and Counselling

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1. If you must say something to Nicole Ella's parents, what will your primary objective be? This tragic and senseless loss of an innocent young child brought about by an irresponsible person is a grave traumatic experience for the parents and the siblings as well. The sudden loss has caused so much pain , shock and emotional devastation to each family member that would take them months or even years to recover. Having read the article and the question of what my primary objective when given the opportunity to talk to the parents , the only thing that will be given to them intially is the emotional support and comfort towards recovery and healing for them to move on and plan their future. 2. What will you say to the parents?

In the news article, the father is probably the most verbal among the rest of the family members. He revealed that he stopped the doctor in reviving her daughter and has accepted her fate. If given the opprtunity to help and talk to the parents, I would probably approach the father before the mother as I can feel that with the acceptance of the loss, he is more ready to verbalize his anger, fears, concerns, hopes. guilt etc. The most essential quality for a counselor to have in this kind of situation is being more of a good listener rather than being more of the "talker". I would then encourage the parents to talk more of the happy, innocent, fun-loving Nicole. This may then bring about some humour which is considered to be a "legitimate component of therapy to lessen the impact of emotional distress". Moreover, the body language and sign language that is being demonstrated and the mere presence of people around will lessen and withstand the pain of the loss of a loved one.
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