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Guest Speaker

By Bkhader1 Apr 09, 2013 845 Words
Music Entertainment and Guest Speakers

Music Bands and Singers

Limelight Band Dance Band
Dallas, TX
Limelight is guaranteed to make any event unforgettable. Limelight has entertained audiences from all over with their high-energy approach and style. Whether performing at a corporate, special event or festival; Limelight knows how to bring a party to life and the crowd to their feet. This ten-piece party band provides a musical range that spans decades of standards and classics to the current hits of today, taking your event to the next level. Limelight has quickly become one of the most sought after party bands nationwide and CEO’s and event planers from around the country have paid the band the highest compliment by inviting them back to their annual events time and time again. Red Leather Cover Band

Dallas, TX
Red Leather is an amazing party band. They put on a phenomenal show performed by amazing musicians. Everyone can dance to the music as they pull out the tunes from great hits of the 80's all the way to today. Overall, they are "nothin but a good time." Sarah Sellers (Singer)

Richardson, TX
Pay Range: $500 - $2000 per event
Sarah Sellers is a unique blend of pop, soul, blues and R&B. Her captivating presence and command of the stage has taken her as far as Hollywood on Season 10 of American Idol. Aside from appearing to a worldwide television audience Sarah has recorded for top producers out of Nashville, Texas and Brazil Trey Houston

Greenville, TX
Pay Range:
$200 - $1500 per event
Trey Houston is a Texas native and a dynamic Singer/Entertainer! Trey performs as a complete One Man Show using Instrumental Music Tracks to accompany himself as he sings all of the lead vocals. This format enables Trey to be extremely versatile and allows him to perform at venues of most any kind. He is fully equipped with multiple sound systems to perform at events both large and small. Guest Speakers

Stephen L. Mansfield,
PhD, FACHE, president and CEO, Methodist Health System, North Texas

Dr. Mansfield is deeply committed to Methodist's mission to improve and save lives through compassionate, quality health care. He views his leadership role as a ministry to serve people from all walks of life in a rapidly changing health care environment. He is a sought-after expert on the topics of leadership, wellness, and sustainable models of accountable care.

(Dr. Stephen Mansfield is currently the new CEO of Methodist Health Systems, MHS is doing research on depression and ways of fighting it. Dr. Mansfield can inform event attendees about the programs they are running on depression, common symptoms of depression and how to fight depression.)

Price: N/A

Daryl Johnston
Former Dallas Cowboy fullback

 Participated in the studies and helped recruit other players to take part in research led by Nyaz Didehbani, PhD, from the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas. The study used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and showed a relationship between white matter damage and depression in former football players. More specifically, of the 3 depressive symptoms that were assessed (affective, cognitive, and somatic), the researchers found that the cognitive factor was significantly correlated with concussions (r = 0.63; P< .001).

(Daryl Johnston can talk to attendees of how sports injuries can lead to depression. Focus on high school students playing football and wanting to go “PRO”.)

Price: N/A

Dr. John Hart
Medical science director at the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas

Findings through the research study at the Center for BrainHealth demonstrate that cognitive deficits and depression are more common in aging NFL players compared to controls.  The Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas, a leading scientific research institute dedicated to understanding, protecting, and healing the brain, launched the BrainHealth Institute for Athletes to comprehensively address brain health issues associated with sports-related concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

(Dr. John Hart, can talk to student attendees and parents about how sports injuries can lead to depression. His research gives him in depth knowledge of ways to find symptoms and overcome depression. )

Price- N/A

Dr. Paige L. Baker
Neurostimulation for Treatment of Depression and Bipolar Disorder Depression and Bipolar Disorder Support Alliance - Dallas

The DBSA-Dallas is locally-run, independent affiliate of the National DBSA, which is the largest support organization in the nation devoted exclusively to mood disorders. The DBSA-Dallas is a non-profit organization run by individuals with mood disorders and their significant others. All who are interested are invited to attend meetings and to participate without cost or obligation.

(Dr. Paige L. Baker can talk to attendees about his research and inform them about Depression and Bipolar Disorder Support Alliance – Dallas (DBDSA). Where they can find information on how to get diagnosed for depression)

Price: N/A

(Price) The guest speakers are not major celebrities, they are looking for ways to contribute to the community, this could be great event for them to give back to community.

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