Guest Relations

Topics: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Sampling Pages: 4 (956 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Guest Relations In Hospitality Industry

The Proposal

Warren Hakel
Management 005


Guest relations evolve around the Hospitality sector. Guest relation can be simply identified as providing goods and services to it’s guests and making sure the guests will want to use it’s services again. The hospitality industry is one of the oldest businesses in history. People have always gone out to eat sometimes and travelled for work or leisure purposes. However the hospitality industry has changed drastically. The expansion in the hospitality industry demands highly qualified people trained in the hospitality management. The present hospitality industry is extraordinarily healthy and viable. Hospitality is no longer just about getting from point A to point B. It’s about how you get there and how much you enjoy your stay. Therefore guest relations should be at a high standard to satisfy the clientele’s needs and wants. The reason and the interests on why I selected this topic was mainly because this is one of the most influential factors in the hospitality industry. This could easily make or break the reputation of the company. Guest relations in the hospitality industry should be of a high standard in order to exceed the customer expectations. The guest relations in this industry should be further improved in order to provide a better outcome. Attention to detail should be given to the guests to make their stay more pleasant and memorable. Furthermore in this industry it is the guest relations that makes the difference and set the establishment apart from one to another since it is an industry that deals with the human aspect of things. Therefore this topic was mainly selected to show the importance of guest relations in the hospitality trade. If we look at the present situation regarding the guest relations in the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka, it is good but still...
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