Guest House Sustainability

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1. Background of the study3

2. Current status4

1.3 Problem motivating this study5

1.3Purpose of the study6

1.4 Significance of the research7

1.5Methodology of study8

1.5.1The literature study8

1.5.2The empirical study8

1.6 Delineation9

1.7Contribution and Output10



Guest house (Tourism Industry), forms part of the leading global economy boosters for this 21st century. According to a Research Proposal published by Jonker, JA (2004), “South Africa’s tourism industry is the main provider of employment and wealth creation with a huge flow through effect that touches all sector of the economy. The current 26 000 guest houses in South Africa have contributed R26 billion to the South Africa economy,” Van der Westhuizen, Thea (North West university) the

According to Ronelle Henning (2005), “the Guest House sector in South Africa really started its rapid growth in 1995, boosted by the Rugby World Cup. Today excellent guest house or bed and breakfast are to be found in every corner of the country and the sector makes a vital contribution to South Africa’s tourism product and reputation. Guest Houses have now become the preferred accommodation choice for many travelers…”

The development of the South Africa guesthouse sector was influenced by the development of French pension and British boarding houses. As the 20th century progressed, accommodation needs of guests shifted from traditional types of accommodation such as hotels to specialist accommodation, o which guest houses are the most popular. It was also found that a reason for this paradigm shift is that traditional accommodation types no longer serve the needs of modern guests. (Van der Westhuizen, Thea of North West Unversity)

The constantly growing number of travel destinations and the enhanced quality of existing ones put great pressure on those responsible for a given destination to find better ways to complete in the holiday accommodation industry and to do so in sustainable manner. Therefore guest house have competitive advantages of being small on top of other reason.

Figure 1.1 below shows the distribution of guest houses in South Africa.

Figure 1.1



“More than 80% workers in the lodging sector are employed as service, office and administrative support personnel. In most cases people in this position learn the necessary skills on the job, with relatively few having pursued a post-secondary education. For this category of workers, personality people, skills and communication skills are often more important than a formal education…..” Tourism and the lodging sector, 2009; page 30

“Most guest houses have a character, history and authentiaty which are typical of the area in which they are located and they provide superior standards of decoration, comfort and catering….” Tourism and the lodging sector, 2009; page 179

According to a journal published by Ashly Teedzwi Mutezo: 2004, the following statics were established, SMEs in which the guest house industry fall under, contribute 34, 8% of the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The statistics are presented in Figure 2.1 below.

Figure 2.1



In recent Guest House and Tourism literature researchers have introduced concepts and relevant models about guest house sustainability factors [Jones, 1995; Sheryl Faber; Ronelle 2005]. Most of these models are comprehensive to a greater extent because they include important critical factors that influence sustainability of guest house. On the other hand they fail to clearly...

References: DTI: NO. 102 OF 1996: NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS ACT, 1996
Effective Guest House Management, Ronelle Henning
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