Guest Amenities That the Hotel Provides to Its Guests

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1. List common guest amenities that the hotel provides to its guests. Kitchen Utensils

One of the benefits of extended stay hotels is the ability to cook in. Rather than blowing your travel budget on fast food and expensive restaurants, you'll be able to cook yourself meals with food from the grocery store. Among the other amenities included should be pots, pans, dishes and silverware.

Some extended stay hotels will also have other kitchen amenities, such as in-room coffee pots, espresso machines, microwaves and complementary creamer. Most will have stoves and ovens so you can cook anything you would normally fix at home, albeit in a smaller kitchen.

Living Area

Extended stay hotels are designed to mimic life in your own house. Consequently, you will find different areas designated for separate activities, such as eating, sleeping and living. Your living area will most likely be comprised of a couch, an armchair and a television set, as well as a telephone.

Amenities in extended stay hotels can also include a desk, chair and access port for your Internet connection. Wireless Internet access is often a complementary service supplied by the hotel, so you might want to ask about that if you intend to bring a laptop (or even desktop) computer.

Laundry Service

One of the most popular amenities found in extended stay hotels is the laundry facility. This is where you can wash and dry your clothes so you don't have to worry about finding a Laundromat or other laundry service.

Although the machines will likely be coin-operated at your extended stay hotel, it still is probably less expensive than the alternatives. Furthermore, it is convenient on those late nights when you are too tired to drive somewhere else to wash your clothes.

Housekeeping Services

Your extended stay hotel might also include housekeeping in its list of amenities. This means that a maid will stop by your room once per day and make the bed, exchange soiled linens for fresh ones, empty trash and take care of other things.

You can decide to request that housekeeping not visit your room if you prefer privacy at your extended stay hotel. Some will also have weekly housekeeping rather than daily, so make sure to find out how they schedule it before booking a room.

There are plenty of other amenities at extended stay hotels, depending on where you are traveling and which establishment you choose. Some will have extended cable channels, newspaper delivery, continental breakfasts and fitness facilities. Before choosing a hotel, make sure to ask for a list of amenities so you can make an educated decision for an enjoyable stay.

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guest supplies and amenity packages

When entertaining overnight guests, it is important to make the guest room is comfortable. To accomplish this, you will need certain guest room essentials. Whether you have a dedicated guest room, or whether your home office or or craft room doubles as the guest room, these guest room essentials will make your visitors feel welcome in our home.

Every guest room must start with a bed. This bed must also be comfortable. If your guest bed is a futon or fold-out sofa, then you should provide a feather bed or foam topper to add comfort to the bed so your guests don't spend their visit in pain. In addition, make sure that bed has 1 soft and 1 firm pillow per person and light blankets with a heavy blanket folded at the foot of the bed should they get cold.

Your guest room will need a chair so they relax without having to lay down. It will help your guests to get their socks and shoes on easily as well. A wicker chair stolen from the deck (and cleaned) or a spare chair from the basement will do fine with the addition of a soft pillow.

Your guestroom will need a night table to place their belongings on. The night table should also have a clock and telephone on it so they don't have to leave the room at night to hunt down a phone or check...
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