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* We chose Gucci for our project because it was a brand that none of us knew a lot about and we thought it would be interesting to learn about the company. * It is a designer brand that produces purses, women’s wear, men’s apparel and children’s wear. * Gucci is located in all major fashion capitals and large cities. For example, the one we went and visited was the location on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. They are located globally. * The target market for Gucci is mostly business women with a higher income. They create products that this customer would value, such as purses or business suits. This customer would generally take a lot of care into purchasing a garment, taking into consideration it’s quality and detail. Most of the customers that shop at Gucci are not concerned with the high prices that are displayed in the store and care only about quality or the name on the label.

* Gucci's segmentation of marketing is toward both women and men with a high purchasing power, mostly high income, well-educated, and with some social background. * Gucci offers a wide range of products but mostly known for their leather goods, men’s dress suits, and women’s accessories ranging from bags to shoes and watches. Their best-selling products are their purses.

* Gucci's competitors are Chanel and Louis Vuitton for leather goods, and competing with Tom Ford and Valentino in men’s dress suits. * Gucci is a company that's main focus is on product, marketing and consumer led. The company from its origins tries to make the best their leather products quality wise. Guccio Gucci, being inspired by luxury leather items in London and Paris, desired for his company to be very high end in the products they distributed. A lot of Gucci is based on product and the design. Their designers are what make the company prosper. They also heavily focus on what the consumer wants. Being in the fashion industry they care a great deal about what is new and fresh and ultimately what the consumers want. Their marketing often involves a celebrity to be the face of one of their products and this promotes that they have a quality product by showing them with quality people. Tom Ford always designs the product with the marketing in mind, which leads to the product being perfectly advertised.

* Because Gucci is an international company, it is important that they understand what kind of marketing environment they have. Gucci likes to focus on what type of product their consumer wants, so they concern themselves with the pricing and availability of their product. The environment they create ensures that their product will always be available to their consumers. Having physical retails ensures a safer microenvironment. There does not seem to be something besides the typical for macro environment that Gucci does to provide the best environment for their product.

* Gucci delivers product quality over the price of what is being sold. They also have a lot of expansion within the company. Not only do they produce fashion and leather goods, but they take on social responsibility and even expand into a partnership with the automotive company Ford. The main point of differentiation is the company’s main purpose. Their slogan is, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

* Gucci’s marketing strategy is to deliver a consistent message each time the consumer comes in contact with the Gucci brand through communications and visual merchandising. The Gucci image is created internally and executed by the creative marketing, visual merchandising and public relations teams. Gucci also has a sophisticated consumer and market research capability, which helps assess consumer attitudes and trends and gauge the likelihood of a product’s success in the marketplace prior to its introduction. In conjunction with promoting a consistent global image, Gucci uses its extensive customer database and consumer knowledge to...

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