Guarana Antartica

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The product is Guarana Antarctica, which is a soft drink made originally from Brazil. Guarana Antarctica is made from a tropical berry called Guarana. It contains a chemical by the name of Guarananine which is similar to caffeine. Guarananine has lot of the same effects as coffee. It stimulates the mind, quickens one’s perception, setback sleep, assists with endurance based actions, can also help out to recuperate from a hangover, impairs the appetite, boosts heart rate and makes the blood pressure higher, and it could make someone jittery and may prevent sleep at all.

Guarana Antarctica, because it is a soft drink it considered a convenience product: it is a relatively inexpensive item that merits little shopping effort. So, a consumer is unwilling to shop extensively for this type of item.

Guarana is a tropical berry that grows in the heart of Venezuelan forest and northern Brazil. The name Guarana originated from a Brazilian tribe called Guarani. Guarana is a necessity in the culture. The Guarani tribe believes it to be a very powerful herb that is said to be magical which cures bowel dysfunctions and produces strength.

The website showed the ingredients that Guarana contains as shown below:

Chemical composition of Guarana seeds:
Vegetable fiber: 49.125 %
Reddish resin: 8.800 %
Starch: 8.350 %
Water: 7.650 %
Pectin, malic acid, mucilage, dextrin, salts: 7.470 %
Guarana-tannic acid: 5.902 %
Caffeine: 5.388 %
Yellowish steady oil: 2.950 %
Pyro-guarana acid: 2.750 %
Reddish colorant: 1.520 %
Amorphous substances: 0.606 %
Saponin: 0.060 %
Guarana Antarctica is a safe drink and is not dangerous or harmful to the human body. By drinking Guarana Antarctica , it will not instantly make you lose weight but can help due to the high guarananine which as said before is similar to caffeine. Guarana Antarctica is a drink and should not be replaced for meal or used as a food replacement. People say their...
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