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the market mix of Barr's advantages and disadvantages in the area of international the international marketing environment, Barr would unavoidable meet many unimaginable competitions, threatens and opportunities. (优)As a centurying company, it has many advantages in terms of marketing mix. For example, as an centuries-old company,it has already established its own product brand, compnay visualize and loyalty.which won a good reputation and a stable status in the public. And , Barr's manufacturing mainly focus on carbonated soft drinks which can derease the cost and expenses comparing to the competitors like Coco-Cola. moreover, Barr's market targets are very clear, for example, Orangina is aimed at adult consumers while the product Tizer's market target is aimed at 11-15 year olds. With the diversity of market target, Barr can cut down the risks when entering the internationa marketing.(劣)However, as a old company, Barr also meet many disadvantages in the area of market mix in the international market. For instance, from the illustration of Product Life Cycle,we can see, most Barr's products are already in the maturity phase,which means it will unavoidably fall into the decline phase and eventually abadoned by the market. And, simply products do not benefit to the Barr to deal with the different customers, although owning defferent product lines. Such a situation would mare or less bring risks and presure to Barr. In addition, it must be taken much more investment and high cost to competiting against such a large international market. Further more, the subsidiary company overseas,owns more rights which in reverse increased the resks to Barr to maintain its own brands. What relevants does the A G Barr connect to the external environment ? It has a tightly relationship between Barr and the external environment. For example, the natural environment such as raw materials, politicals like government intervention, economic such as inflation, exchange rates, sociocultural environment and Technology. In this case, when Barr entering the Russian market, it met a external impetus, which means the external competitive environment, force the firm to expand its oversea market. And , the alteration that the value of the pound was high against the Euro, influenced much in the demand. At one time, the situation caused the Barr's managers to cut prices to wholesalers by 30%. Also, Orangina, a kind of French drinks, although Barr had a deal for it, will still be a warn to Barr after releaving the franchise agreements. At last, the Advertising Standards Agency, regarded as an justified representation, is always playing an important roles in the area of external environment. How to build its own brand in the new market?

A brand is used by people to establish their status for more than religion or political party. And it usually link items within a product line. So, when Barr first enter the Russian market ,it should first expand its product line length and depth-extending like increasing the products's colors ,sizes, features in preference to enter the Russian market. Also, it can build a new brand or new design to meet the unkown market. Thirdly, barr can also obtain a good chance to the Russian market through repositioning and modifying the old models. Further more, repackaging the products like increasing the amount of blue on cans and bottles to contrast with the orange is also a good way to Barr. In addition, catch more information to the new consumer's taste, fashionable attitudes , the new environments' socioculture and the policies, will also benefit to the Barr to present its brands. Why the organization needs to build up its own brand ,what benefit will be brought into the org.? A brand is any name, design, style, words or symbols, singly or in combination that distinguish one product from another in the eyes of the customer. It is an important element of the tangible product. And used by people to establish...
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