GSM-Based Car Engine Control Implementation to Stop Car Theft

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The work in this project involves development of a locationing system, that is capable of estimating position of a person and streaming video over the wireless network. This system can also be used inside a building (indoors) without the need of any external infrastructure inside the building.The system uses multiple sensors like camera and Inertial Measurement Units. All these modules are connected to the BeagleBoard-xM. The Beagleboard-xM collects data from these sensors , processes it and then transmits it to the local station over WiFi channel. The Camera can be placed inside the helmet and the Inertial Measurement Unit (OpenShoe)[11] is placed inside the shoe of the person whose position is to be estimated. The video stream from camera is compressed on the beagleboard-xM and transmitted over wifi to the local host. The IMU is based on the work done under the Project OpenShoe. With the help of IMU we get the position and velocity estimates which are then transmitted over WiFi to the Local Station. The main aim of the project is to build a working system that will have the camera and IMU working together and transmit the compressed video stream along with the IMU data (Position and Velocity estimates) to the local station over WiFi channel.

GSM based Car Engine Control Implementation to Stop Car Theft

Index Page No
Technical Specifications---4
IEEE Reference Citation---6
Project Abstract---8
Project Block Diagram---10
Explanation of each block --- 22 Power supply ---23
GSM --- 25 AT89C51 Micro Controller --- 40 LED --- 55 LCD --- 59 Power Supply Design --- 73 ULN2003 Current Drives --- 79 Keypad --- 83 Keil Software --- 87 Source Code --- 92 Advantages --- 93 Applications --- 94

Tables & Diagrams
Block Diagram --- 10 Power Supply --- 23 GSM in World --- 27 GSM in India --- 27 GSM Operation --- 34 AT89C51 Micro controller --- 40 Pin Diagram --- 43 Micro controller Block diagram --- 44 LED Interfacing with Micro controller --- 55 LCD Display --- 60 LCD Interfacing with Micro controller --- 70 Buzzer Interfacing with Micro controller --- 72 ULN Current Driver --- 79 Relay Interfacing with Micro controller --- 81 Key pad --- 83 Key pad Interfacing ---...
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