Gsm Baed Notice Board

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INTRODUCTION Mobile Phones and the related technologies are becoming more and more ubiquitous. Various technical arenas in the field of Telecommunication and Embedded Systems have come very near to the common people. The number of people with cell phones is on the rise. A day will come, somewhere in the near future, when a mobile phone is referred to in the same class of Food, clothing and shelter. Improvements in the Networking technologies have fostered growth of very dense networks. Land line telephones have been becoming less and less popular and people now prefer communicating while on the move. When people have a good connectivity at their disposal, with tremendous power of mobile computing to supplement the same, we can think of connecting their home appliances to a mobile phone wirelessly. With this, people would be able to turn on and off, and to some extent, control the appliances at their home even from a distant place. The usefulness of a long range remote control to home appliances has no limits. A setup facilitating such a thing would be to connect the home appliances to a microcontroller interfaced to a GSM modem that receives the controls from the user, the means of sending signals to the appliances being a mobile phone. This project is an implementation to the idea of the wireless communication between a mobile phone and a microcontroller. Our administrator uses a simple GSM based handset for sending messages to different display stations which are located far away from him. The GSM modem used at the receiver end is used to receive the messages and LCD to display them. As we are using mobile for sending messages, it is easy to handle and operate. As it is a wireless transmission the system has very less errors and maintenance. With greater efficiency we can display the messages at various places like public transports, crowded cities and advertisement of chain restaurants. We can use this displaying system at distant area where our wire or manpower can go easily. GSM and GPRS based designs have developed another innovative and Public Utility Product for mass communication. This is a Wireless Scrolling Message Electronic Display Board, which displays the messages, received as SMS.

1.1 What makes sms messaging so successful worldwide ?
SMS is a success all over the world. The number of SMS messages exchanged every day is enormous. SMS messaging is now one of the most important revenue sources of wireless carriers. What is so special about SMS that makes it so popular worldwide? Some of the reasons are discussed below. SMS messages can be sent and read at any time: Nowadays, almost every person has a mobile phone and carries it most of the time. With a mobile phone, you can send and read SMS messages at any time, no matter you are in your office, on a bus or at home. SMS messages can be sent to an offline mobile phone: Unlike a phone call, you can send an SMS message to your friend even when he/she has not switched on the mobile phone or when he/she is in a place where the wireless signal is temporarily unavailable. The SMS system of the mobile network operator will store the SMS message and later send it to your friend when his/her mobile phone is online. SMS messaging is less disturbing while you can still stay in touch: Unlike a phone call, you do not need to read or reply an SMS message immediately. Besides, writing and reading SMS messages do not make any noise. While you have to run out of a theatre or library to answer a phone call, you do not need to do so if SMS messaging is used. SMS messages are supported by 100% GSM mobile phones and they can be exchanged between different wireless carriers: SMS messaging is a very mature technology. All GSM mobile phones support it. Not only that you can exchange SMS messages with mobile users of the same...
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