Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset

Topics: Intelligence, Carol Dweck, Learning, Educational psychology / Pages: 3 (573 words) / Published: Feb 19th, 2014
The Key of Being Successful Everyone wants to be intelligent, and everyone wants to know the crucial technique to be intelligent. Carol Dweck, the psychologist in Stanford University suggests that intelligence depends on the different mindsets in her article “Brainology: Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn.” Also, I believe that one of the mindset is the key to develop intelligence and being successful. In Carol Dweck’s article “Brainology: Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn,” the author emphasizes that different mindsets affect our confidence and motivation. There are two types of mindsets, growth mindset and fixed mindset. Students with a fixed mindset believe that each person has invariable amounts of intelligence. However, students with a growth mindset believe that intelligence can be nurtured through effort. Also, praising children for intelligence makes them have a fixed mindset, and praising children for effort makes them have a growth mindset. Fixed mindsets reduce students’ motivation to learn, but growth mindsets enforce students’ passion of learning.
Dweck affirms that people worship talent, and that is a counterfactual idea about intelligence. In her article, she insists that, “We need to correct the harmful idea that people simply have gifts that transport them to success, and to teach our students that no matter how smart or talented someone is – be it Einstein, Mozart, or Michael Jordan – no one succeeds in a big way without enormous amounts of dedication and effort.” (Dweck 5)She provides some great examples of famous people who succeed with massive effort, and these people unquestionably have growth mindsets because they never give up after difficulties. They all had great accomplishments, but they didn’t rely on their talent to be successful. In my opinion, I agree with Carol Dweck’s research about intelligence. I firmly believe that having a growth mindset is the key to be successful. After I read her article, I recalled

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