Growth and Potential of International Luxury Fashion Brands

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"Growth and Potential of Luxury International Fashion Brands in India"

Submitted by: Kanan Gupta M.F.M (2011-2013)


This is to certify that the project entitled ―Growth and Potential of Luxury International Fashion Brands in India‖ is submitted towards the partial fulfillment of the program ‗Master of Fashion Management‘ by Kanan Gupta. It is an original work done under my guidance and the results are based on the research done by her.

Name of mentor: Mr. Kislay Kashyap Asst. Professor Department of MFM NIFT, Patna

Date: 01-03-2012 Place: Patna



I, Kanan Gupta hereby declare that the project entitled ―Growth and Potential of Luxury International Fashion Brands in India‖ submitted towards, partial fulfillment of the program Master of Fashion Management is my original work and no part of the project has been copied from any other report or carried by someone else or has been submitted for any other degree/award. However, any material taken from any other published sources has been suitably referred and acknowledged at various places.


: Kanan Gupta

Roll no : 17 Batch : 2011-2013

Centre : Patna Date Place : 01-03-2012 : Patna


I owe my gratitude to many people who helped and supported me during the research and compilation of my project report. I would like to thank my mentor Mr Kislay Kashyap for approving my project and express my indebted gratitude for his guidance and suggestions at every stage of this report. My sincere gratitude is also due to my seniors for their constant encouragement and support. I would like to express my thanks to all those people who were directly and indirectly involved in shaping my project by providing valuable information and co-operation.



INTRODUCTION: This is a project to study about the ―Growth and Potential of Luxury International Fashion Brands in India‖. If we look into the past, no one could imagine that a luxury market would exist in India. But over the years with the change in the demographics of the Indian consumer and with higher disposable income available, the luxury market in India has indeed emerged as one of the fastest growing markets in the retail segment.

PROBLEM DEFINITION: The Indian Luxury Market is still a niche market and people have got a very low personal disposable income, though it has increased a lot from before but not so much to afford international luxury fashion brands and the people who have got a high disposable income lack enough knowledge about the international fashion brands available in India as the luxury international stores are limited to metropolitans only.


OBJECTIVE: The main objectives of the projects are  Analyze the Luxury Brand Awareness among the Indian consumers.  Reasons behind customers buying Luxury fashion Brands  Analyze the major international fashion brands in India.  To analyze the Current Scenario and the Growth of Indian Luxury fashion brands and the Market.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY:  The secondary research is through Magazines, journals, articles and internet.  Primary research through focus group interview with industry personnel, customers.


Assuming that there is a strong scope for the growth of international luxury fashion brands in India.

Taking an assumption that Luxury fashion brands do not have much scope in the Indian market.



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Chapter Name
Objective Research Methodology Literature Review Introduction India at Glance Geography People Understanding Luxury Defining Luxury Socio Economic Significance of Luxury Acquainting with Luxury Fashion Brand Major Difference between Regular Brands and Luxury Brands Persona of Indian Luxury Industry Famous Luxury Brands and their destination in India SWOT...

Bibliography:  Moor Liz, The rise of Brands  Chadha Radha, Husband Paul, ‗Cult of luxury fashion brand‘, Nicholas Brealy
publications, edition 1, 2006
 Tungate mark, ‗Fashion Brands‘, Kogan page publications, edition 2, 2008
MAGAZINES  Vouge  Fnl  Elle  Coffee Table
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