Growing Up Online

Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Internet Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Many years ago teenagers were entertained through playing sports, going out with friends and being active. Today’s society is entertained through the internet. The digital world was something that belonged to adults, but as more and more kids are growing up online, parents are finding themselves on the outside looking in. The internet has become a daily routine in our lives. Most of us can afford to skip a meal today, but can't afford to skip browsing the internet for an hour. Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter are a few of the main social networking services that teens are creating very public private lives on. These profiles are often outside of their parents’ view. Teens share personal information, photos and videos with friends and strangers. Growing up online has many positives and negatives. The internet is a fast and easy way to retrieve information. We all need news, views, advice, guidance, opinions, fun, entertainment, gossip, facts, fiction, communication, etc. in everyday life. Every single element listed is available in abundance through the internet virtually at our finger tips at the click of a mouse. Internet is also a global library without barriers or boundaries between countries, continents, religions, languages and ethnicity. The greatest use of Internet has been in personal communication through e-mail, chat and social networking. This leaves no country too distant, no friend too far and no event too private. For people who do not particularly enjoy shopping, the internet is a great place to order and pay instantly at home. This leaves us free of long lines and worries. Even though the internet has many positives, it also has some negatives. Just because the internet is filled with a lot of information doesn’t mean that it is always correct. The internet has more than reasonable amount of misinformation, or useless information. The online world is also filled with viruses, sent through certain websites and even emails. These...
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