Growing Up

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Ali Hamid September 2nd, 2010 Essay
Growing Up
One of the most difficult changes a person must experience in his or her life is from childhood to adulthood. For many youngsters, the responsibilities that come with adulthood bring an end to the carefree, innocent childhood. Other teens find the adult-world fascinating, with its many opportunities and freedoms. Yet, these young adults are often disappointed when they realize that the difficulties associated with the process of "growing up" are very confusing, which add to the many frustrations that they are already facing at that stage. People react in different ways when they are in that stage, when they are facing the pains of growing up. I reacted strongly against the transition becomes the adult world seems very superficial and fake to me. I, as every troubled teenager, believe that there is nothing worse than growing up. To me, childhood is a paradise that should last forever. I try desperately to preserve this innocence, and avoid the brutal adult-world. Sometimes, I wish that the world would stay still. I am almost fond of things that are perfectly still and unchanging, such as dead bodies. I believe that staying as a child means to stay in a state of purity, not having to face the dishonest world of adults. In spite of myself. However, I am growing up and I’ve become frightened of the transition into adulthood. I am stuck between the world of adulthood, which I did not wish to enter, and childhood, which I cannot stay in. Unlike myself, some teens cannot wait to grow up and stop being a child. To an ambitious youngster, the adult world is an exciting place, full of opportunity and chance. But they have to learn that it is very difficult to be accepted as an adult while adults still consider us to be young. Adults see the young as unprofessional and inexperienced. They also have to face many troubles and will eventually become dishonest...
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