Growing Managers Group Case Analysis

Topics: Reward system, Reinforcement, Goal Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Growing Managers Group Case Analysis
The motivational models which would prove most effective in turning the Phoenix sales team around and setting the team on a more prosperous path would be motivational models focusing on changing behaviors and promoting results. Implementing the Goal-Setting Model and the Reinforcement Model would accomplish both feats. Melissa Richardson needs to exert authority and assertiveness over her sales team. She needs to assess her team members’ strengths and weaknesses in order to effectively and efficiently assess the job design and job analysis based on the employees’ skill level. This process sets up goal specificity. Alex Hoffman is a go getter and a top seller of the annual and perennial color business, but he has no interest in selling cut flowers. Richardson could set considerably high goals for Alex for the color business and task someone else with selling cut flowers. Richardson could make Gregorio Torres responsible for getting a database up and running to manage the customer service and administrative side of things for the Phoenix unit. Additionally, this database could be used companywide so anyone at any time could see what other divisions are doing and how they are performing. This would have been a great tool for Richardson to access while deciding if she wanted to take the position in Phoenix. Corporate can help by buying the software needed for a successful database and implementation of it. They could also pay for additional training and education for Torres and other employees who have creative ideas for servicing low-volume florists. Pulling Torres away from sales opens up an opportunity for Nick Ruiz and Chelsea Peterson. Richardson can set specific sales figures for both employees and let them compete for the vacant position. Richardson could also have both sell cut flowers since Hoffman has no interest in selling them. Sarah Vega definitely needs specific goals set for her to keep her from...
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