Growing Discontentment

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1. Armed Forces epitomise the ideals of service, sacrifice & our country’s comp culture. IA is a completely voluntary service & any citizen irrespective of his caste, class, religion and community can join the org. Today, IA is not the same what it used to be a decade back. To take Army for granted w/o responding to its genuine needs remains a cause of concern.

2. The plight of an Indian soldier has not reached to the conscience of the govt. He is taken for granted & tasked to perform what his civ counterparts will never prefer to do or will consider it too dangerous to risk their lives. His sacrifice figures in the statistics of govt reports only. His family sheds tears & has to struggle for the rest of the life due to the tedious and long drawn govt procedures to get its entitlement and try to subsist with growing resp & scarce resources. His std & emoluments are perhaps the lowest in the hierarchy of the govt vis-a-vis the threats and challenges involved. Yet, he doesn’t come out on the streets & protest. But, now the discontentment is not only confined to whispers, but, is getting louder day by day.

3.Indian Army, whose prime role is to safeguard the nation boundaries from external aggression is deficient of around 11238 offrs today. The shortage of offrs is a live problem faced by the army today. Unfortunately, the national policies have still not able to meet the aspirations of the army that leads to various disturbances within. Army is, after all, a national asset, and any degradation in its efficiency is detrimental to the national security and national interest. The efforts to overcome this problem therefore needs to be made at national level.

Origin of the problem

4. There is no dearth of patriotism in our country but there are numerous anomalies keeping the figure of shortage constant. Why there is such shortage of offrs? This issue needs our attn, because, till eighties, Indian Armed Forces were considered to be one of the most honourable professions. But, with changing socio-economic status, it is no longer being considered as one of the best & the brightest career options.

5. Low salaries, high stress and slow promotion contribute to its downgradation as a career option. The youth prefer a pvt sect over the armed forces and enjoy a hefty pay package. One of the reasons for the disinterest is quite evident from the fact that in all trg est like IMA, OTA & NDA, one third of the auth seats are going vacant.

6. One of the main reasons for this sit is non fulfillment of youth’s desire. A youth who is looking for a job expects handsome salary, job satisfaction, stable family life, promotions & professional growth. But, it is otherwise in IA, where promotion scope is ltd within the allocated vac for all higher rks. No one wants to spoil his future where there is uncertainty of future promotion and the condition is unlikely to improve until and unless review of existing polices & practice is carried out.

7. The Army’s auth str is approximately 46600 offrs. Today shortage of offrs is about 11238 which is deliberately considerable. The defi is accretion in force level from time to time & say that as a career option, job is characterised by hardships in the form of unsettled life, disruption of children’s edn, risk factor & early retirement. Every yr about 400 offrs retire as Lt Col & Col at the age of 54.

8. The youngsters feel motivated to join IA but their motivation level goes down when they discuss the Army as a career option with their parents & peers.

9. A whispering campaign among young nubile girls in colleges has had adverse effect on army offrs finding good brides. The whisper pertained to the hard living conditions in non-peace stations and hard peace stations. The newly-wed couples don’t mind living in one-room tenements in hard peace stations as it is quite cosy. In some stns these are called ‘honeymoon...
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