Groups or Organizations Are an Important Part of Some People’s Lives. Why Are Groups or Organizations Important to People? Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Explain Your Answer.

Topics: Google, Webster's Dictionary, Sergey Brin Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: November 24, 2008
Groups or organizations are an important part of some people’s lives. Why are groups or organizations important to people? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer. | | |None of us is as smart as all of us. | |It helps to work together towards similar goals, to achieve them smartly. And it also makes you a team-player. | |Yes I agree that working in groups or organizations is important. Good understanding of team work and team building are critical for your business success or | |corporate office career. | |Added to the above point | |Google began in January 1996, as a research project by Larry Page, who was soon joined by Sergey Brin, two Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California. The| |Google search engine attracted a loyal following among the growing number of Internet users, who liked its simple design and useful results. Having found its way | |increasingly into everyday language, the verb "google", was added to the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary in 2006, meaning | |"to use the Google search engine to obtain information on the Internet." | |Also, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were both part working at the MGM cartoon studio in the late 1940. Barbera, a storyman and character designer, was paired | |with Hanna, an experienced director, made the seven Academy Awards for Best Short Subject (Cartoons) their Tom and Jerry shorts....
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