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Joseph Concepcion
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Group Dynamics
February 02, 2013

Overview of the Effective and Efficient Online Course Team

Advantages of Collaborative Online Teams:
▪ Team members (students) can be anywhere state wide and can easily work together on projects, helping one another in putting ideas for projects, despite of the vicinity nor-location of the team members.

▪ Helps progress and improve team skills that can be used on a daily basis or a job. ▪ Form a variety of knowledge among team members (students).

Effective and Efficient Teams:
▪ Individuals are liberated to articulate their impression, thought, and their point of views.
▪ Condemnation is common; it has a productive character—slanted toward removing an impediment that encounters the group.
▪ The governance of the group alters frequently. The issuance is not what an individual controls; it’s the way it gets done.

Characteristics of Effective and Efficient Team Members:
▪ Characteristics of effective and efficient team members compels interconnection that is detained as one by numerous justifications. To comprehend one must know how to bring together an efficient team, as well as to recognize the factors of touching the motion of effective teamwork. Once you grasp in how to produce a constructive team atmosphere, one can start to anticipate optimistic outcome from the team.

Coaching Tips for Participating on Effective and Efficient Teams:
▪ Know where you want to stand ▪ Be involve in the solution and not against it
▪ Formulate and maintain commitments ▪ Provide and obtain condemnation
▪ Be a optimistic existence on the team - productively

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How stuff works. Is online collaboration the future of how companies do business? By Jonathan Strickland. -...

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