Group Working Skills

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Group task roles.3
Group maintenance roles4
Self-seeking roles4
Reference list6

In today society, the competition has become fiercer. There are increasingly more people considering that group work is quite significant. Group work may be defined as a mode of cooperative learning, it aims to develop students' knowledge, cater for individual differences, generic skills and attitudes. Whether students are studying or employees are working, group work is able to demonstrate their comprehensive skills. Nonetheless, other people state that group work enables them too dependent on others, and gradually were losing the ability to think by themselves; whereas my conviction is that group work allows students to learn team working skills. Furthermore, it helps students training their sense of responsibility. In this essay, I will analyse how our group performs, regarding roles and cohesiveness. Regarding roles, which can be defined as people have a common goal when they work together, it also occurs in students groups. Each individual group member will have a particular position and function in it. Roles consist of group task roles, group maintenance roles and self-seeking roles. Group task roles are related to accomplish tasks and to achieve goals of the group. In my academic career I have taken part in several groups. Actually, I now play the part of evaluator. For instance, my group member gives me some advice; I decide which ideas are good or bad. This is important because I will receive a good deal of ideas from my partner; it...
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