Group Working

Topics: Education, Learning, English language, Study skills, Teacher, Psychology / Pages: 17 (4016 words) / Published: Dec 3rd, 2012
Group working or cooperative learning
M.Ramez Behrad
Professor Mrs. Baher
Dec, 01/ 12/ 2012

Thesis statement:
Group working makes the environment of learning better by providing students more confidence and increases interactions among students.
Introduction: a. Importance of English language b. Problems in English classes c. Suggested solution
Background information a. Definition of group working b. feathers of group working

Differences of studying independently and studying in a group

Advantages of group working

Teacher’s roles


Since student-centered classes are considered as the most helpful ways to improve students’ abilities in English language; the problems with independent learning and its limitations on students’ learning will lead teachers to motivate students to study in groups. In this paper I’m introducing group working as a key method for motivating and engaging all students with different levels in the same activity or lesson. This method of teaching will create a positive atmosphere in the class and increases students’ confidence while they exchange ideas with their classmates and even learn something from them.

Introduction English language is considered as an important key quality since it was chosen as the international language. This language is used in every part of our life; commercials, descriptions of a medicine, news and many other things are using this language. So we can say that nowadays ability in communicate and use this language is essential. Many people around the world try to learn English language in order to be part of the outside world and communicate with it. The problem is that some of these learners are not successful in learning this language, although they participate in different courses but they get nothing. As a junior student at Herat University, I see that some of students in our class are not able to use their

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