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There are many ways of studying among students now.Some prefer to study alone. Others like studying with a group of students.Whatever the way of studying is, each has its own advantages.When learning in college, many students join study group. Study group are commonly utilized by many students to prepare themselves for class discussion, examinations or class presentation and also helps us do tasks more quickly; know more new things and our communication skills are improved II.Body:

Have a good solution for task in the shortest time

Expand our knowledge
-It provides us with invaluable opportunities to exchange our ideas and opinions on various subjects discussed -When we have a project to research, the group is very useful and effective thanks to the specific information we can get from our group - the students in the group may be having more information or knowledge or ideas than an individual.So, individual as a whole increase our knowledge pool and cognitive domain -understand lesson faster and more deeply:

+If we don't understand something in the lecture, our group can make it clear +Easy to remember the concepts and point os the topic b/c over and above the teacher's teaching in the classroom, also listen the talks of our friends in the form of revision and memorization Improve our communication skills:

-thanks to discussions in our group, we know how to express our opinions, how to give information and how to persuade others to agree with us. In addition, I can develop our public speaking skills when we present our part or our topic in our class as well as answer questions from the teacher or classmates. III.Conclusion:

Study in group is an effective method of studying.It not only helps us: have a good solution for task in the shortest time, expand knowledge but also improve communication skills....
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