Group Project “Establishing Performance Management System for Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.”

Topics: Performance appraisal, Performance management, Standard Chartered Bank Pages: 15 (2779 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Human Resource Management

Group Project

“Establishing performance Management System For

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.”

MGT 351

Sec: 06

• Group No: 3

• Group Members:

1. Imran Kabir1030000 030Signature:……………

2. Ishtiaque Rajib103 0088 530Signature:……………

3. Md. Fahmidul Haque101 0030 030Signature:……………

• Prepared For:

MD. Mujibul Hoque (MjB)


School of Business,

North South University.

Table of Content

|Sl. No. |Topic |Page No. | |1. |Abstract | | |2. |Introduction | | |3. |Performance Management Systems | | |4. |Performance Management and EEO | | |5. |Appraisal Process | | |6. |Appraisal Methods | | |7. |Factors that can distort Appraisals | | |8. |Creating more effective performance management system | | |9. |Advantages from Performance Management System | | |10. |Disadvantages from Performance Management System | | |11. |Prospects and Beyond | | |12. |Reference | |


Performance management system is a globally used managing tool for analyzing performance this is widely used in global business arena for managing the performance of the employees in the organization. There are certain analyzing materials for doing perfect analysis depending on service, traits and behavioral approach.


Organizations often fall victim to the pitfalls of inefficiency and lack of motivation. These problems lead to a negative impact on corporation’s business growth and also redundancy in skills often exhibited in workers that are less motivated. In order to alleviate these problems, corporations require a process otherwise known as “The Performance Management System”. This specific system is used to identify, encourage, measure, evaluate, improve, and reward employee performance. This process is often put under scrutiny, as there are too many factors to include. Despite its problems, it is a system wide employed by businesses such as AB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and more specifically taken in depth, Standard Chartered Bank.

Performance management system is one effective management system tool which is broadly practiced in the today’s global business field. This system is more specifically evaluate individuals in the organization and evaluate their performance, behavior, rights and responsibilities, determination for achieving goals and most importantly an overall performance of each existing employees.

Though there is several error terms involved while analyzing the performance of each...
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