Group Observation

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Mind Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Group Observations
Humans are the most complex individuals on this planet. People function in interesting ways due to the intricacy of their conscious and in some cases unconscious minds. This directly relates to the way in which individuals communicate with one another. Observing a group of people clearly displays the complexity of communication.

While walking around the mall one afternoon I decided to study a gathering of friends. My goal was to watch how these particular children interacted with one another through the use of verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication contains many different parts that are combined together. In a more literal sense of the term it consists of oral speech as well as rate, volume, pitch, articulation, and pronunciation. Nonverbal communication entails important but unspoken signals that individuals demonstrate. For example, carriage/posture, appearance, listening, eye contact, hand gestures, and facial expressions are all included in this form of exchange. During my study of the group of boys and girls in the mall I was able to uncover some fascinating information about them. It was obvious that one of the boys had a crush on a specific girl there because he was making eye contact with here and smiling every time she would direct her attention towards him. When he spoke to her he would blush and you could hear the bashfulness in his voice. These behaviors the boy displayed were all clear signs that the boy was interested in the girl that was there within the bunch of friends that were hanging out. Everyone uses verbal and nonverbal communication in his or her everyday lives without even having to think twice.

Another instance in which I was able to witness a group of people networking with one another was at school. During common hour on campus I noticed a company of girls who were conversing with each other about what they had planned for the day. One of the girls was evidently paying more attention to one...
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