Group Members and Leaders Paper

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Group Members and Leaders Paper
Ephraim Iivula
June 27, 2011
Nicole Darling
University of Phoenix

Group Members and Leaders
The structure of any group is a pool where a group leader emerges to spearhead others toward the attainment of the entire group’s objective. “Very often, the most effective leadership occurs when a leader emerges from a group rather than being promoted, elected, or appointed. The leaders of many political, religious, and community organizations emerge” (Engleberg & Wynn, 2010, p.113). Moreover, an emergent leader steadily attains leadership by networking with other group members and contributes to the fulfillment of the group’s goal. Effective leadership usually comes from cadres who have appropriate skills, tested, and expertise on the group’s important issues. This paper details the appointment of special task members of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), explores their roles, responsibilities, identifies the qualities of an effective group leader, and explains methods of managing difficult group members.

Choosing the Members and their Respective Roles and Responsibilities
Lead Agent:
The portfolio of the lead agent goes to Sam as he has 12 years experience with the FBI. Sam is currently working in Arizona as a special agent. He has experience in national drug regulation, fluent in Spanish and spent time in Southern America. The appointment of Sam to this portfolio is a crucial step because he spent time in the region, which is a departure point of drugs to the United States. Sam has further experience as a lead agent acquired over four assignments. An unassuming man but goes out when he believes it necessary, Sam’s persona is a good characteristic of the final gatekeeper whose job will include safe guarding top secrets of the special task force.

Assistant Lead Agent:
Ricardo is currently an intelligence research specialist for the DEA and worked for seven years, which is an excellent exposure. He can filter intelligence data well, the necessary characteristic of a final intelligence gatekeeper. Ricardo will receive intelligence data from an equally intelligence geek Emily. Besides, he works in Arizona and thus familiar with the state, and can collaborate effectively with local law enforcements. In addition, Ricardo has been a private investigator for over five years and specialized in neighborhood crime.

Intelligence Agent:
Emily is also an intelligence research specialist with the DEA and stationed in Arizona. She is fluent in Spanish and most important assists coworkers on their cases. Emily always tries to prove her capability with coworker and I place her in that portfolio to bring the intelligence department the fine years of experience from her psychology background. Moreover, her presence benefits the task force with a diversified viewpoint ideal to effectively deal with traffickers of her own gender.

Field Specialist:
This hands-on portfolio goes to Antonio, currently a special agent for DEA in California. Antonio is bilingual, speaking fluent English and Spanish. He worked in the agency for 15 years and perhaps nobody in the pool knows the routine and behaviors of traffickers than Antonio. This is because Antonio sold drugs in Los Angeles as a teenager in which he lost a friend to drugs. He is also an extrovert, makes friends easily and this characteristic in my humble opinion is suitable for this portfolio.

Task Force Conflict Resolution
Why I choose to address Sam first and the Method Considered to Handle Sam
The fact that he is the superior in the hierarchy compelled me to make this choice. His broad experience should invoke leadership, which can motivate the entire team including Antonio to achieve the team objectives. I will first summon Sam to a...
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