Group Evaluation

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Group evaluation

How our group effectively managed the task and time available:

Building group dynamic: The aim of our group is to complete and produce better presentation of the critical articles review based on the all six members’ individual article review.

The group members are come from different nationality and having a different culture background.

The quality of our relationship between group members is major factor in the overall success of the group. It is important to send time getting to know each other. We have chosen the lunch time in the canteen while we having the lunch we talk and chat about the study, our lecture and our life in Denmark.

All the group members have actively attend and worked on the group assignment and completed the task which asked to do during the group working process.

When each member finished the own task, the group have discussed the each members’ work to identify the good part and poor part. Each member has clearly shown the active enrolment to the group task and efforts.

How effectively the goup members operated together:

Agree on goals: It is important to agree on a common purpose. We have discussed our understanding of the aims and scope of the project, and methods of collaboration. Like if anyone doesn’t understand or clear about the task, and then say it right away.

During the group work, the time management have faced the difficulties. Some members are available during the morning time, and some member s is available during the afternoon time. At the end the group came to the agreement that every Wednesday before and after HRM and Operation lecture , the group have to have a group meeting for at least 1 hour to discuss the group work.

And some members could finish the task which asked to do during the group work on time, but some are late. But during the group meeting we have took some 15 minutes to help and give guidance the group members who have difficulty to...
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